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ABH Brows - Brow Wiz vs Dipbrow Pomade | Bestselling Eyebrow Product Comparison

I was born with naturally thick "caterpillar" brows - I hated them growing up. So in the late '90s to early 2000s, when it was trendy to have over-plucked super thin brows, well, I guess you can say I followed that trend. My eyebrows have definitely seen a lot of different shapes through the years, some of which you can see…


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Life Lessons | Reflections On The Last Decade | #10YearChallenge

Okay, so I missed the #10YearChallenge but it's still prompted me to reflect back on the decade that was ...

Since most posts included a side by side photo…


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#MakeupEssentials - Eye Makeup Must Haves | Guide To Building Your Makeup Collection

I started experimenting with makeup in my early teens and by the time I was like seventeen, I had a small "collection" of makeup products. Over the years, I've went through dozens of palettes, foundations and makeup products and have found my way to make both high end and…


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How I Went From Acne / Blemish Skin To Clear Complexion

I've loved makeup as far back as I can remember. From intense smokey eyes to chunky glitter and full coverage foundation, let's say I've experimented with just about every single makeup style and trend possible.

Back in my early twenties and college days, I had acne prone skin and there was…


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Instant Voluminous Hair in Seconds With This Cult Fave Product

My hair has always been, thick, course and curly and very unmanageable. After I had my son four years ago, my hair really started to fall out. Call it hormones, stress aging or whatever - but it was time to start looking for new ways to style my hair. My hair at top is now visibly thinner. So no matter how I style it or wear it, the top…


Added by Mandy on May 24, 2019 at 8:30pm — 2 Comments

How To Properly Set Makeup | Budgeproof & Longlasting Makeup

I love getting glam but let's be honest, having a meltdown especially on a super hot and humid day, is not cute! That's why prepping face before makeup is so essential but just as important, is…


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My Top 6 ColourPop Liquid Lipsticks | From Nudes To Bolds

Three years ago, I tried Colourpop liquid lipstick and fell in love immediately! The packaging is cute and the pricing is affordable. You get ultra opaque color that swipes on lips effortlessly and it lasts all day! What's not to love?…


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#PREP101 - How To Prep, Smooth & Moisturize Lips For The Ultimate Liquid Lip

I love my liquid lipstick and not just any liquid lipstick, matte liquid lipstick. It's so versatile, can easily transform your entire look and goes so well with any glam look! What I…


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10 Beauty Essentials You Can Get At The 99 Cent Store / Dollar Tree!

We all know high end makeup doesn't come cheap and if you're looking for beauty on a budget, there's so many different products to try and places to shop! Today, I'll be talking about 10 amazing beauty essentials that you can actually get at your local 99 cent store and/or your Dollar Tree! I don't mean basic beauty essentials like cotton swabs, q-tips, cotton rounds or nail polish remover (although…


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I Tried This Celeb Loved Product And Hated It...Here's Why.

It's hard to believe Smith's Rosebud Salve has been around since 1895 and the original formula has been unchanged since! This multipurpose balm can be used on skin and lips and even to tame away flyaways. After reading celebs rave about this product and its many uses, I finally gave in and gave it a…


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#PREP101 - How To Prep Skin Before Makeup Application For A Flawless Complexion Every Time

Creating a proper canvas before makeup application is absolutely essential to the  end result. You can spend hours upon hours with the best makeup techniques but if you're missing the two most important steps: the skincare prep and how you set your makeup then all the hard work that you're putting into your makeup application is…


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I've Tried So Many False Eyelashes...But I Keep Coming Back To These!

I'm obsessed with full glam! Although I don't glam up on a daily basis, (heck, I don't even get glam monthly) but when I do get the chance, I go all out and pay attention to every single detail. One of most fave and loved products is false lashes!…


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I Survived Hyperemesis | My Pregnancy Journal | Month by Month Timeline

After an epic road trip to L.A. with my hubby in the summer of 2014, we came back feeling refreshed, motivated and of course didn't realize our lives were about to change forever.…


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Easy Hair Styling Product For Boho Waves | DIY Leave In Conditioner | Natural Curly Hair Remedy

So I've always had naturally thick, curly and course hair, all my life. I've used about every single hair product from gel to mousse and leave-in-conditioner to style and tame down my hair. This includes both drugstore and salon quality hair products.  In more recent years, I've really been conscious of…


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My Intensive Makeup Removal Nighttime Skincare Routine

My skin has been thorough a lot and honestly, I've neglected it throughout most of my twenties. It wasn't until my late twenties to early thirties where I properly adapted a skincare routine that seemed to be finally working for me.…


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How To Get Rid of Pesky Blackheads and Keep Them Away | All Natural Skincare Remedy | Easy and Affordable Solution For Blackheads

As much as I love glam, skincare is far more important to me. After all, a fresh faced bare canvas makes makeup application a dream! Over the last few years, one of the main consistent skin issues that I've had is blackheads.  I've tried everything from pore strips (which are so temporary) to deep cleansing to mud masks, nothing seemed to do the…


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Makeup Trick For Dewy, Glowy Skin | Dewy Foundation For Dry Skin

I've always been a fan of full coverage heavy #cakeface makeup. Lately, I've really been into the dewy finish which is so new for me! 

So I tried this makeup trick that I've been wanting to try for so…


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Life Update - Where Have I Been? | INTRO to Blogging

We all face hurdles. We all have struggles and face insecurities. But most commonly, we are all on the same complicated, to say the least - journey that's called life. I'd like to use this platform to share my story and experiences because I believe we all have a story that's worth telling.…


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