How To Properly Set Makeup | Budgeproof & Longlasting Makeup

I love getting glam but let's be honest, having a meltdown especially on a super hot and humid day, is not cute! That's why prepping face before makeup is so essential but just as important, is setting your makeup. Setting your makeup ensures that it's long wearing and doesn't budge, crack or fade throughout the day. If you prep and set your makeup properly, you should require little to no touchups throughout the day!


Let's begin with the base. When you're going for long-wear, never skip primer. Makeup primer gets your skin prepped, primed and ready for makeup application. Primer smooths and softens the surface of the skin so your makeup applies flawlessly. It extends the wear time of your makeup by creating a barrier on your skin so your makeup won't seep into your pores as quick and disappear.  Depending on your skins needs there's mattifying primer, illuminating primer, pore-reducing primer and even blurring primer to create a soft-focus finish (I've loved + used all of these that are linked!). Using the correct primer changes everything!


One of the tricks I've learned early on (and you may even remember it from my YT vids!) is always beginning with a cream or liquid base. This can be for eyes, face and cheeks.  

For the eyes, you can use the cult fave MAC paint pots,  OG UD primer potion, good ol' concealer and sometimes I even like to use this ABH pro pencil all over the lids. Whatever base you use, it'll even out the lids for more smoother application and easier blending. Any eyeshadows you use following the base, will really adhere and stick to the lids creating a long-lasting effect.

I use the same trick when doing my face makeup. For the face and cheeks, I begin with illuminating primer, then use creamy colored corrector, foundation, concealer and then cream highlight and contour. I like to sandwich the foundation in between the products so it really sticks and stays in place. I follow with powdered cheek products.


One of things which I do differently with my face makeup versus my eye makeup, is that I work in layers. After each layer, I spritz rosewater across the face. So say I apply corrector, I'll spritz rosewater and blend with a brush or sponge. Then, apply the next product and apply some more rosewater. Repeat until I'm done with all the steps.

Then, I go in with all the powders, powder highlight, powder blush and powder contour.  Each powder layer ensures more coverage so my blush, contour and highlight never fades. Also, each powder layer locks and sets everything into place. Because I consistently use rosewater after each step, I'm setting as I go and it's melting everything into place so my finish never looks cake-y. The rosewater plus the powder layers also allows me to skip the baking and excess powder in the end for when I go for the dewy and glowy makeup look.

Rosewater not only keeps your skin hydrated (so all those makeup layers won't crack and patch up on your face!) it also has an almost tacky-like finish which really makes the layers of makeup stick to your face. Think of it like hairspray for your face! This is my holy grail and my longtime secret for long wearing, budgeproof makeup.

Doing this step also gives your face a more skin-like finish and you'll never get cake-y makeup with this trick! Also, by the time you're done with your entire face, most of you makeup will already be "set" so you don't have much work to do.


This may be the most obvious, but set your makeup with setting powder. I really like to set the center of my face, the nose, t-zone, under eyes, around the lips. Since we're already applying powder products to the cheeks, I don't think it's necessary to apply any setting powder there. I like to go in with a powder puff and press and roll into the skin. This makes sure I don't disturb the makeup finish and that it's really soaking up any oils and setting everything. Allow to set and bake for about a minute ( I have dry skin so I don't leave on too long) and then gently swirl excess off with a large fluffy powder brush. Whatever's remaining on the brush, I sweep across the jawline and the rest of the face.


One final time, I spritz with rosewater. Allow to completely dry and then I finally go in with my setting spray. My holy grail is the Urban Decay All Nighter and I never leave without it when going full glam!

I hate to brag but I rarely have to touch up but if I do it's nothing major. 

I hope this post gave you some new ways to set your makeup so you, too can enjoy the long lasting benefits of flawless makeup all day. Because glam takes werk and you should be able to enjoy and flaunt it for as long as you desire!

Comment below, what's your fave ways and products to set makeup?

XOXO, Mandy

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