My Intensive Makeup Removal Nighttime Skincare Routine

My skin has been thorough a lot and honestly, I've neglected it throughout most of my twenties. It wasn't until my late twenties to early thirties where I properly adapted a skincare routine that seemed to be finally working for me.

I do the double cleanse method which is going in with a cleansing oil to melt away your makeup before actually cleansing the face. This extra step really ensures you get it all off. This is essential when it comes to K-Beauty skincare yet I've been doing this step for years and unbeknownst to me, I didn't even know it was an actual thing and it's worked wonders on my skin!

From problematic acne prone skin (lookout for a post on this soon) to clear skin, here's my current intensive makeup removal routine which has helped me remove every trace of makeup and keep acne at bay.



The very first thing I do is remove as much makeup as I can and this is where makeup wipes come in handy. Gently wipe face to ensure you get all dirt and makeup off, including stubborn eye makeup. Sometimes it takes two wipes on heavy cake face days!


Next, I take a cotton round, make sure they're ridged with those little exfoliating grooves which help in the makeup removal process. I also, prefer the double ended ones. Add coconut oil to the cotton round and gently rub face to allow it to all come off. This may take a few cotton rounds and you may have to repeat this a few times until you get a clear cotton round. I also like to leave the cotton round on closed eyes for a bit so it really melts away eye makeup, including stubborn (even waterproof) eye makeup.

I only use organic virgin unrefined coconut oil and love that you can just pick this up as you're getting your groceries! This is such an affordable alternative to the high end expensive, cleansing oils on the market right now and it literally does the same thing! You can also take the coconut oil and apply it directly to the face if you prefer to but I like to use the cotton rounds as I can actually see every bit coming off, it's so satisfying!


up & up

Now that I've taken every bit of makeup off that I possibly could, it's time to cleanse the skin and open up the pores. I like to go in first with a deep cream cleanser, the old fashioned way - splash a bit of water to face, lather up the cleanser with my hands and rinse. Simple yet effective.


Clarisonic / up & up

The last step, I exfoliate and use my Clarisonic Mia Facial Cleansing Brush. I have the OG one with the 1-speed system. This face cleansing brush is a game changer. This literally transformed my skin and is a must-have for any makeup lover who loves layering on products. It's insane how much makeup this takes off when you think you already have clean skin. My most fave part is actually looking at the brush when I'm done, LOL. With the facial brush, I use an apricot scrub that exfoliates the skin and deep cleans for an invigorating clean-feeling. But you can also use a cream cleanser here, too.

After cleansing the skin, I'd normally do a hot towel treatment (comment below, if you'd like a DIY post on this) to open up the pores and would follow with a face mask. This step is totally optional but it completes the pampering sesh.

Finally, I'll go in with my serums and moisturizers (lookout for a post, soon!). After the hot towel treatment, since the pores are already open, anything that follows will really nourish skin and it'll soak up any products you add after!

I hope this makeup removal intensive nighttime skincare routine helped and that you've learned something new! This is not what I do on a daily basis because I don't wear makeup regularly but every time I go glam, this is my go-to skin routine!

Comment below with your fave makeup removal products!

XOXO, Mandy

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