All Natural, Holy Grail Can't Live Without It Product | 10 Incredible Ways To Use Coconut Oil

The one ‘holy grail’ product that I can’t live without would have to be hands down, coconut oil and not just any brand or any type it has to be Spectrum Organic Virgin Coconut Oil that's Unrefined.

Although this is great for moisturizing skin (which is the most obvious), it has so many other benefits and this multi-purpose product can be used in so many ways! When I'm traveling this is one of the products I always make sure to pack because this one product alone has so many uses and it literally replaces like 10 bottles of extra things I'd be lugging around with me for no reason and it also saves me a lot of space! While I can't list all the great way to use coconut oil, I'm gonna list my top 7 ways!

Removes Makeup

As I listed in my intensive makeup removal nighttime skincare routine post, this is my number one fave way to use coconut oil, as a makeup remover! This is part of my double-cleanse method and it effectively yet gently removes every trace of makeup and as a bonus for my dry skin, it's very moisturizing, too!

Restores Dry Skin for Radiant + Glowing Skin

If you're looking for an intensive sleeping mask for your dry skin, try coconut oil! When my skin is super dry, I like to layer moisturizers so I can wake up with soft, nourished skin. One of my faves is layering coconut oil with Vitamin E and then misting rosewater on top. The rosewater adds an extra layer of moisture but also seals everything in so your skin really absorbs what it needs!

Moisturize Lips

Along with my dry hair and skin, I also suffer from dry lips. So I like to make an extra effort to keep them hydrated and moisturized! In my How To Prep, Smooth & Moisturize Lips post, I mentioned how I love to use coconut oil as a lip scrub to remove dry skin and flakies and how it doubles up as a great lip moisturizer. Sometimes I like to keep it a little tin in my purse (only in the winter because it melts in warmer weather).

DIY Lip Balm:

Take an empty chapstick container and pour in coconut oil and a few drop of Vitamin E (any anything else you'd like) and then pop it in the fridge so it solidifies. In cold climates, you can carry it on the go and in warmer weather, just keep it in the fridge so it won't melt.

Moisturize + Detangle + Deep Condition Hair

There's multiple ways on how you can use coconut oil on your hair, too. One of my go-to ways is using coconut oil to get DIY Boho Waves which also doubles up as a leave-in conditioning treatment so you're left with soft, conditioned and shiny locks! If you're not a fan of styling your hair with coconut oil, you can also use it to smooth down flyaways and tame frizzies after styling your hair. If you're going to be trying this, remember a little goes a long way and use just as you would use any hair serum or hair oil.

Coconut oil also stimulates hair growth so it's beneficial to use as a leave-in hair mask. I like to really glop on a thick layer and leave on for a few hours and then hop in the shower. Wash and rinse hair as normal and hair will be left, soft and shiny. After I had my son, my hair was really falling out and I'd apply a bit every night to my thinning areas and sleep on it. I noticed a drastic difference with the growth! For the ultimate hair mask, I like to combine coconut oil with other hair oils such as Indian gooseberry (aka amla oil) to get the most out of my hair mask!

Nourishes Lashes & Brows & Helps with Growth

Speaking of hair growth, I have used coconut oil on my lashes and brows and it works! You just have to do this regularly, like every night before bedtime. When I was doing this, I'd apply coconut oil combined with Vitamin E and applying the tiniest amount to brows and whatever was left over, I'd apply to lashes. I'd just use the sides of my fingers and apply just like you would a mascara. It really helps fill in the sparse areas and hair growth comes in a lot quicker when you do this regularly.

All-Natural Glowy Highlighter

When going sans makeup, I like to do a little skincare hack. As you may have already noticed by now, I'm a huge fan of layering products and I like to do the same with my skincare products! So when going without makeup, I go an extra step to apply a bit more product (usually coconut oil, vitamin E or both!) to where I'd like to appear more glowy (cheekbones, center of forehead, chin, etc). This adds dimension so when I move, light bounces off those areas to make my skin appear more radiant! Of course, I like to spritz rosewater on those areas so it doesn't slip and slide all over the place.

This can also be used to as a base beneath your usual powder highlight. When, I'm showing a bit of skin, I do the same on my arms, legs or wherever, for a glowy shine.

Primer / Base Before Makeup Application

I've been doing this for so many years, I've lost count on how long I've been doing this next one for! As we know, moisturizing is one of the key steps in prepping skin before makeup application. I like to use coconut oil as as an two-in-one moisturizer and primer before makeup application. It makes a great base and gives your makeup something to adhere to so it's more long lasting. You just have to wait about 15 minutes or so to allow enough time for it to absorb into the skin so you're not slipping and sliding! After the 15 minutes, if there's still too much oil left on your skin for your preference, simply dab off with a soft tissue.

Heals Skin

Intensive hydrating and moisturizing treatments are known to work wonders on problematic skin areas! Have you ever burned yourself with a curling iron or wand? Perhaps you suffer from ingrown hairs, stretch marks or just irritated skin? I like to use coconut oil along with aloe vera gel (from the actual plant) and sometimes a bit of Vitamin E to any sensitive or problematic areas. It soothes and heals the skin effectively and is also a very affordable treatment!

Shaving Agent

Replace your everyday shaving gel or cream with coconut oil for a close shave. Wet skin and apply the coconut oil to the skin. Shave as you normally would and you'll immediately notice how easily the razor glides and there'll literally be no razor burns! I've also been using hair conditioner the same way for years!

Makeup Brush Cleaner

I've already raved how much I love to remove makeup with coconut oil. But did you know that you can also clean your makeup brushes with it? Take a small tray and pour a bit of liquid dish oil and then add a few teaspoons of coconut oil. Wet your brushes and dab into this cleansing mix and gently work a lather and rinse. You may have to repeat for heavily used brushes but in the end you're left with soft and clean makeup brushes!

Remember, a little goes a long way and the best, part, it's all natural, so what's not to love? What's your fave ways to use coconut oil? Comment below.

XOXO, Mandy

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