As many of you know I am constantly changing my hair! Recently I changed my dark shade of violet based brunette to this blonde shade!

How did I do it? Multiple steps which you can check out in my previous post here: Bleaching Hair Blonde FAQ & How-To

However one thing I DO swear by is Schwarzkopf brand products! Today I'll be reviewing their BlondeMe Bleach AND their Lilac Toner.  To get started first off let me show you what my hair color was two days ago.

Yes, two days ago!

It was cute but I grow tired of hair color easily, so after 2 1/2 months I wanted my blonde back.
I turned to my favorite bleach, Schwarzkopf and some cosmo skills of course.

NOTE: This is PROFESSIONAL GRADE bleach meant for usage via licensed cosmetologists only. If you are not a professional I would highly suggest getting a professional to use this for you.

Price: About $43.50 for the Bleach and One Developer. I used 2o volume, 30 volume and 10 volume so I spent about $60.00 on developer and bleach. The toner was on sale for $4.00, but is usually $8.00. $64.00 total. Overall this is a pretty pricey product haul but I LOVE the results, and I honestly can't compare it to any other product for bleaching the hair. I give it a 4/5 on price range because it's well worth the price even though it did hurt my pocket book.

Accessibility: This product can be difficult to get because you need a cosmetology license. This is due to the strength of this product being professional grade, and boy will you see the difference. If you don't have a cosmetology license I would suggest trying eBay or Amazon, or simply having a licensed cosmetologist do this for you. 3/5

Smell: Schwarzkopf BlondeMe Bleach, Developer and Toner smells like most other bleach products and hair coloring products. Chemicals. Some bleach products do smell good like blueberries or nothing at all but unfortunately this product is not one of them! The chemical smell is quite strong. Definitely use this in a ventilated area. The toner also smells very chemically. This is normal but if you're looking for something that won't irritate your senses look elsewhere! 2/5

Texture/Product Quantity: Schwarzkopf BlondeMe Bleach and Developer has a creamy texture when mixed correctly. You get a good amount of product in the bleach tin and the developer bottles. The bleach is powdered until you mix it with your developer. Pretty standard stuff. However, the bleach does not go far if you have a lot of hair like I do. I found that the mixing ratio needed left me with quite a lot of developer and almost no powder bleach after three bleaching sessions so it's easy to use this up. The toner went a long way however, and is also creamy when mixed with the developer. I still feel like I got enough product for my buck though. 5/5

Scalp Irritation: With any bleach product you're bound to get irritation to the scalp and face. This is professional grade product, which means it's very strong, so protect your hairline, face and scalp the best you can with protective cream and by keeping the product off of your face once its applied. My scalp and face were irritated but it wasn't terribly bad, or itchy which is better than many other bleach products I've used before. 5/5

Performance: Schwarzkopf BlondeMe Bleach and Developer and works like an absolute charm. I have repetitively now changed my hair from a level 1-4 to almost a level 11-12 blonde with ease. Before, I was using MATRIX Bleach, and Goldwell bleach products. Schwarzkopf blows them out of the water! I have never bleached my hair so easily, with so little damage, and to such an extent with no problem. The product works efficiently, quickly and is great at getting out unwanted gold/orange tones. The toner also is amazing. The Lilac toner, which is what I used, gave me a slight lilac, ash tint while eliminating any remaining gold hues I didn't want. Once I get my hair white, I'll try this toner again to see if I can get it more lilac! Worked quickly and just how I wanted! 5/5

Overall Review: Schwarzkopf BlondeMe Bleach, Developer and BlondeMe Toners are amazing. I love the way they leave my hair feeling healthy even after all I've done to it. They also work exactly as I need them to when used as described. I couldn't ask for a better lightening line! I would 100% recommend it for anyone looking for a big change in their hair via lightening. 5/5

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