Instant Voluminous Hair in Seconds With This Cult Fave Product

My hair has always been, thick, course and curly and very unmanageable. After I had my son four years ago, my hair really started to fall out. Call it hormones, stress aging or whatever - but it was time to start looking for new ways to style my hair. My hair at top is now visibly thinner. So no matter how I style it or wear it, the top is always flat and just limp looking - let's just say it's not cute and I've had better hair days.

We all know the phenomenon that dry shampoo has become in recent years but did you know that you can use also use dry shampoo as an instant hair voluminizer? I know, when I first heard about this I was like, well, how is it any different from the baby powder hack? When I cut my hair short into a layered lob almost two years ago that's when I discovered dry shampoo and I've been hooked, since!

A little bit about my hair - it's dry, strands are fine and I naturally have curly hair. So dry shampoo doesn't initially sound like the best thing for my hair, I know. I don't really get a greasy scalp, either, even if I don't wash it for a few days.

BEFORE: Semi Straightened Hair // FINISH: Waves with Styling Wand + Dry Shampoo

I loved to use this when I added waves to my short hair with the NuMe styling wand as it adds to the effortless, vibe and adds so much lift and bounce! It also adds a nice texture to the finished look which is perfect for that piece-y messy look. It also adds a bit of separation between strands which is perfect for thin or fine hair.

I also love that you have total control with this product (there might just be a slight learning curve, which you'll pickup very fast). It's best to spray as you go and do little mists at a time, I find the less mist, the better. That way you don't deposit the product all in one spot. So, spray into hair, then shake, that's it! I like to kind of shake as I go and repeat the process until I get the desired look. 

So here's a step by step on how I use the dry shampoo and how I make it work to give me instant volume!


BEFORE: My hair is completely straightened here. (ignore the bad lighting, here!)

Step 1: Shake up the bottle of dry shampoo a few times, just like you would with hairspray. Then, grab a section of hair in your hands and hold the bottle about 12 inches away and spray lightly. It's very easy to go heavy-handed, don't! Little spritzes work best. Sometimes do 1-3 small spritzes in one area, rather than 1 big mist. This way you have total control. Spray where needed - I like to spray all over my roots focusing on the crown area and also a few inches down as well, so I'm getting maximum volume.

Step 2: Next, shake and massage into your scalp quite vigorously. You don't want to be to gentle here as this is the most important step to ensure the product is evenly distributed throughout hair and I'd say massage about 2-3 minutes if you can. I mean if you're in a rush, about 1 minute works, too. But I feel the most voluminous results are when you really take your time with this step.

Also, turn head over and massage scalp. I love to even do this throughout the day two re-boost my volume! I didn't do that here because as you can see my son was clinging to me, here - so I skipped that step, here.


You can see hair is more soft, fluffy and overall, voluminous. I actually went a bit light-handed, here than I normally do because I was going for a more sleeker, natural vibe, here.

I hope you enjoyed this little step by step and review.

Comment below, what would you like to see, next?

XOXO, Mandy

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Comment by Mandy on May 31, 2019 at 9:07pm

Thanks for the comment @Liz Breygel once you try it, you'll love it!

Comment by Liz Breygel on May 30, 2019 at 6:04pm

This looks so easy, I will definitely try :)

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