Sunset eyes are probably the most worn summer eye makeup looks, ever! 

They're easy to achieve and you don't need too many products to create the look.

Sunset eye makeup looks range from subtle and wearable to breathtaking, dramatic works of art! There's so many different ways of wearing this look. Whichever you choose, you're sure to add a bit of glam to your look.

Milk1422 Face Chart Recreation

Here's a bunch of sunset eye makeup looks so you too can jump on the sunset makeup trend! 

Reflections of a Sunset


The most foolproof way of rocking this trend is to create a simple and basic gradient.

Use soft shades for a wearable sunset glow.

Summer Glow Tutorial

Or use bold and vivid shades for a more dramatic look.

Sunset Look


You'll need the standard 3 or 4 shades in red, orange and yellow. Apply the darkest shade on the lid (red) the next dark shade (orange) in the crease and the lightest (yellow) above the crease on the brow bone to blend everything out. 

Sunset Look

You still get the sunset effect without much effort and because it's all blended seamlessly, the look is still pretty wearable.

Fiery Sunset

If you're up for it, you can add an accent shade to break up the sunset eyes and give them a bit of flair.

Summer Vibes

Since all sunsets are not created equal and come in so many different variations, you can add really play around and get creative with your look!


Summer Makeup

For an exotic sunset, play around with your color palette. Try purple and pink or even orange and purple!

Caribbean Sunset



Try a gradient going horizontally across the lid, with the lightest shade in the inner corner (yellow) middle shade in the center (orange) and darkest in the outer corner (red or purple). Try extended winged shadow for a cat eyed effect.

Insta Logo Inspiration

If you're not feeling red, try a muted shade of red for a more wearable and less dramatic effect. 

Sunset Tutorial

Muted, earthy shades in a sunset color palette are super wearable and great for everyday. This is a great approach of getting the sunset eyes when you're looking for a toned down, subtle version of the look.

Summer Sunset Inspired Eyes

Since sunset eyes are pretty dramatic, you can play around with the placement of the shades to achieve different effects as well as play around with the liner.

Blue and violet add a nice contrast to the look and really makes the sunset eyes pop.

Sunset Vibes

Bold, black liner really compliments sunset eyes and adds intense drama to the look. Add a pair of false lashes for a glam sunset look.


You can create the same fiery eyed sunset effect by using the same color palette (red, orange, yellow) and applying these to the majority of the lid rather than in a gradient effect for a completely different look! Use yellow or gold as the highlight.

Eyes On Fire

Summertime is all about experimenting, being playful and just having fun! This eclectic rainbow sunrise look will give your major FOMO.

Rainbow Sunset


Sunset eyes can also be worn in a cut crease technique which really adds a whole lot of glam and drama to the look! There's so many variations and endless possibilities when working with a cut crease and you're sure to find something to love, here! 


For an intense sunset glam look, go with a negative lid cut crease. This is achieved by depositing the color in the crease in windshield wiper motions and layering the shades one by one until you get the desired gradient. Then, 'cut the crease' by carving your desired shape with a creamy concealer. Set the negative lid color with transulecent powder. You can stop here or embellish the look with glitter liner and even add a mirrored sunset gradient on the lower lashline for a smoked out effect.

Sunset Crease X Liner Look

To keep your sunset eyes fun and interesting, feel free to add more shades such as pink, peach and even fuschia pink! You'll get multifaceted dimension and a gorgeous gradient!

You can never go wrong with glitter liner especially in the summertime!

Sunset Glitter Cut Crease

If you're not up for a full cut crease, try a semi cut crease. It gives the same effect, yet it's a lot more doable especially when you're crunched for time.

Sunset Eyes

A negative cut crease looks stunning with a sunset color palette as it breaks up the color and keeps the look appealing. Embellish with glitter to add a bit of sparkle.

Sunset Cut Crease

When creating a blended sunset eyes look, tszuj it up by adding a faux cut crease. You don't have to go through all the hard work of 'carving' out the crease, instead just add a bright neon or glitter liner to the center of the crease for the illusion of a cut crease. It instantly adds dimension and a fun element to the look!

Summer Cut Crease

If you normally wear sunset eyes with the darkest shade (red) on the lid and the lightest on the brow bone, try switching up for a completely different look! Switching just one or two shades in your look will give you completely different results. For example, swap our your red for burgundy or fuschia pink for an insanely gorgeous summer look!

Ocean Sunset

If you're not a fan of red tones, try swapping them with brown and coppery shades for a more wearable version of the look.

Sunset Cut Crease

For edgy, bold statement sunset eyes,  go for a cut crease with dramatic liner and lashes.  We love how this look below, incorporates colored mascara for a fun, unexpected element.

Violent Sunset Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial

For intense sunset eyes that are full on drama, go with highly pigmented eyeshadows and embellish with glitter! Complete the look with full lashes and winged liner.

Sunset Inspired Glitter Cut Crease Tutorial


If you're not a fan of wearing reds and pinks near the eye, we got you covered! We hear you, these shades can be intimidating at first glance and take a bit of patience and work to find the shade that'll work for you.

Dramatic Sunset

You can still try the sunset trend with orange and yellow and instead of red, try violet, burgundy or even brown to add the dimension to the look. Also, try looks such as a smokey eye or a smokey cut crease where the majority of the look is yellow and orange and the the purple or red is only in the outer 'v.' It'll be a lot more wearable yet you still get a subtle sunset gradient.


When going for a glam sunset look, try a sunset halo! Halo spotlight eyes usually have the darkest shade in the crease and inner and outer corners. Then the 'spotlight' shade which is usually the brightest shade is in the center of the lid.

Fired Up Look

For those of you who aren't a fan of red or are looking for a more tropical look, try purple or violet paired with fuschia pink instead of using red and orange which can be a bit bold for some. The results are still quite spectacular!

Summer Sunset Holo Tutorial

For a softer and wearable version of the look above, try pastel or light shades in pink and yellow. Substitute red and oranges shades with a soft peach or coral in the outer crease to still have that sunset effect yet in a more wearable approach.

Sunset Makeup Tutorial

Amp up the color palette above with vibrant shades for an island sunset look!

Tropical Vibes

Go for an orange and yellows sunset halo for an instant mood lifter! This bright color palette is fun, cheery and perfect for the summertime. An accent blue liner adds a cool touch (pun intended) to the otherwise, warm color palette on the lids.

Sunset Halo

When creating sunset eyes, you don't have to stick to the aforementioned traditional gradient effect. Shake things up with a smokey halo with the sunset gradient in the center for a scintillating and sexy sunset look.

Summer Evening Tutorial

This periwinkle blue halo spotlight eye with a touch of coral and gold in the center makes us want to retreat to an exotic,  tropical island.

Sunset Inspired Makeup

You can see that although each of these looks use a sunset color palette (primarily red, orange, yellow) they all have very different end results! Amazing what a makeup brush and a few strokes of color can create!

Sunset on the Savannah

Which look is your favorite? 


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