Hi :)!!

I'm going to be reviewing two palettes from LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs today with swatches :). All swatches have been done over LunatiCK White Prime Time Primer with Sugarpill Pixie Bomb Lashes and a little bit of the Urban Decay Pen in the lashline.

These palettes have become one of my all time favorites now after using them for a few months with my looks, I got the sampler packs of both Toxic and Asylum City palettes and I think the price of $6 for each sampler pack (including all the shades in one palette) is very nice thinking how much product you get.

Here's a pic of the sampler packs compared to a full sized palette:

As you can see the sampler baggies are quite big and as I said I've even used them for a few months already. Both palettes are all matte shadows and contain a white and a black shadow in addition to the colorful shades.

Let's start with...


The Toxic palette has very creamy, milky shades that are almost pastel but still almost neon bright. A very unique combination in my opinion but that pastel-ness leads to some shades being a bit chalky. I'll get back to that with each shade but I'll start with the white shade in this palette.

It's Chaos

I didn't see a point in swatching this milky soft white on it's own but instead I used it on every swatch on my brow bone. It's not that in-your-face-white but a more milky, soft white that goes on like butter. No chalkiness here which was a very nice surprise as white shades tend to be always a bit chalky.

Here's a pic of it in the baggie, you can look on the brow bone of the rest of the swatches to see it in action :). Blends very well and it has awesome pigmentation :).


Cyanide is a pastel orange but still bright. Sounds a bit weird but in reality it works very well! This shade is a tad bit chalky but nothing a primer won't fix :). I've tried all these shades with different primers too and that solves the chalkiness issue but if you're one of those people who don't wear primer I'd suggest you to use it with this palette. The pigmentation is so good a primer isn't absolutely necessary otherwise.

My swatch shows the shade a bit more dark but otherwise it's very accurate :).

Poison Apple

Poison Apple is a beautiful pastel yet bright green. It really looks like those pale green apples to me and it isn't chalky at all :)! Goes on and blends like a dreamy & creamy green butter :D!

I think I caught this one on camera very accurately :)


As a huge lover of blues I'm really loving this beautiful bright but pastel sky-blue from the palette :) It has some chalkiness issues so if you're not wearing a primer you will get those spots where it doesn't stick that well but with a primer there's no problem :)

the swatch is pretty accurate again and as you can see no spottiness with primer under it :).


Menus is a beautiful pinkish pastel-ish purple. The bag and the swatch look a bit different 'cause the actual shade is something in between those two. It was very hard to take pics of it but an amazing and pretty unique shade anyways :) There are lots of similar shades but the milky pastel quality this one has makes it different from the rest :). A little bit chalky but nothing too bad. Might even go without a primer 'cause like I said these shades are pigmented enough for that :).

Swatch is a bit darker but otherwise I think you get how the shade looks like :D


Reaper is a milky buttery basic black. Well, not exactly basic since it also has this softer "pastel" feel to it as the rest of these :) It's not as harsh as blacks tend to be especially when worn alone but it still is a very good well pigmented black to add to anyone's collection :) I personally am usually a bit afraid to use a black on it's own but this one was very pretty!

The swatch is very accurate, naturally I blended it with the white but as you can see it's black but a softer black :D

Overall I would definitely recommend the Toxic palette. I really love all the shades and getting the sampler pack is very reasonably priced :). I'm personally getting the full palette when I run out of these sampler baggies as I've been using some of these LunatiCK shades I own with all my looks nowadays :).

I also got a sampler pack of the palette:

Asylum City

Asylum City comes also with a white and a black shade so I did as I did with Toxic and put the white shade on my brow bone with each swatch :)

Sister Mary

Sister Mary is a brighter white than It's Chaos, but still very buttery and soft to blend and apply. No chalkiness here either :)!! A very good basic white I'd say, see the brow bone on other swatches for what it looks like :)

Chronically Red

Chronically Red is the true red-lovers red. A bit of an orange undertone gives this shade that bright tomato-red hue and it really is as bright as in the swatch pic :). It has become my favorite red for when I'm looking for a really bright red and it goes on like butter :). It might get a little bit chalky if you don't have primer and have very dry lids but otherwise blending, pigmentation and shade are just perfect :)

The swatch is very very accurate, a very bright orange-ish red :).


Etromania is a little bit of an emerald green yet forest green. It's bright green  anyways :D Very easy to work with, nothing to complain  about here but it was a bit hard to take pics of. The shade in the bag seems more forest green and on my eyes it looks more emerald-ish but I guess that could be about my skintone or something :). It's a deep pigmented green anyways and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it :D!

As you can see, on my eye the emerald-ness pops out...


Hydrotherapy is the blue-lovers blue as Chronically Red was the red-lovers red. A deep medium toned royal blue that I have again nothing bad to say about :D It glides on like a dream and has a great color payoff. The swatch shows it a tad bit lighter than it really is, otherwise it's accurate :).

The bag shows the shade a bit darker and that's what it in reality is :). but bright anyways :)!!

Also my swatch shows a slight blurple hue which I personally haven't noticed while using it in real life :).

The Yellow Pill

The Yellow Pill is a pastel but bright milky soft yellow with the tiniest bit of a lime hue to it. This one to my huge surprise isn't one bit chalky! Usually shades like this being all matte are very chalky but not this baby, it goes on sooo smoothly :). The perfect summer shade!

The bag shows this one a lot darker than it is, the swatch is very accurate :)


Confinement is a milky, soft charcoal black with a little bit of a blue-grey undertone to it. It's the kind of black that can be easily worn on it's own but it still gives that desired drama being a black. I personally really like this one 'cause I'm often afraid pure black on it's own is way too harsh. It is very soft and buttery again and blends well :).

Look, magic: in the bag it's black, on my eye it's softer, charcoal, blue-grey-toned but still black :D!!

Overall I would definitely recommend getting these shadows, a bit chalky here & there or not. The awesome pigmentation and these being fully opaque even without a primer makes me forget the tad chalkiness :D. At least I think getting the sampler pack won't kill your wallet and you get quite a large amount of eyeshadow to use and try out :). I am planning to get both of these palettes as soon as I hit the bottom of these baggies. Remember too that these baggies you see have been already used for a few months so they are even fuller when you get them :).

You can get these palettes in sampler packs $6, pressed palette $25 and loose shadow stacker set $30.

Available Online: LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs

I hope this review has been helpful and thanks for reading :)!!

Have a lovely day there,


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Comment by Hanna Majava on August 6, 2013 at 7:01am

Cynthia: i have a few of the ChromaSilks, they're awesome too :)! i'm definitely getting everything in full size too :D i think LunatiCK Labs is one of my favourite companies these days :).

Comment by Cynthia Vasquez on August 6, 2013 at 12:29am

I absolutely love  LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs their products are all great have you tried their Kromatick Silk line Omg those are some of my favorites.

Comment by annamaria Kyriazis on August 1, 2013 at 9:12pm

those are out of this world gorgeous <3

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