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1) What does makeup/beauty/fashion mean to you?

Creativity and personality. I think of makeup as a tool for self expression rather than as a way of looking prettier. In fact I must admit that I don't even know how to cover imperfections or skin flaws!

2) When did you start getting into makeup/beauty/fashion?

I've always loved makeup. I remember my favorite past time when I was a kid was to get dressed up with old clothes I found at my grandparents' house and getting my make up done as a wild animal, a witch or any other creepy creature.

3) What’s your 1st ever beauty product?

Black eyeshadow. It was the only makeup I used until I was 14. I mixed it with clear gloss to make black lipstick or with water to make eyeliner. I used to look like a little dead girl!

4) What’s your favorite makeup brand and why?

 If I could afford them I would say Sugarpill and Lime Crime, I love how vibrant all their colors are. Unfortunately, I can't spend that much money on makeup so I usually buy the cheapest brand I find. From what I've tried, I have to say Kiko has a good price/quality balance.

5) Name the one makeup product you cannot live without and why?

 Black eyeshadow (and an angled brush to apply it) because it's the most versatile product I've found. You can do virtually anything with it, eyes, eyebrows, lips...

 6) What’s your best makeup (beauty) tip?

 This is more of an "anti-makeup" tip, but I'd say it's important to keep makeup for special occasions and let the skin rest at least a couple of days every week if you want to keep it shiny and beautiful.

 7) What’s the one thing your viewers don’t know about you?

 I once had two dead bats as pets. I named them Bites and Fangs... and that's probably one of the reasons why people never came twice to my house.

 8) Do you have any special/hidden talents?

 I like to sign and write songs but I've never posted them anywhere, they're quite personal so I like to keep them for myself.

 9) Why/When did you start posting your work online?

I started in 2012. I had always enjoyed doing makeup and I had been a model for some time, but it was last year that I started posting my "work" online.

10) Who’s your biggest inspiration (YouTuber/blogger) and why?

I usually find more inspiration in movies or music, but if I have to mention someone I'd say Adora Batbrat  . She's the perfect goth girl!




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Comment by annamaria Kyriazis on March 29, 2013 at 8:15pm

very awesome looks

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