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Q: What does makeup/beauty/fashion mean to you?

A: It's pretty simple. These things mean confidence and being comfortable in my own skin. I'm not saying I can't be confident enough to walk out of the house with no make up, I do that quite a lot. But, what I mean is that there is still some magic that happens right before I walk out the door, when I look at myself in the mirror and know that, whether I'm sporting a ponytail, Converse and a simple make up look, or I'm fully dressed up and ready to hit the town, I'm being myself 100% and I love myself, inside and out.

Q: When did you start getting into makeup/beauty/fashion?

A: I was a pretty late bloomer, you could say. It wasn't really until I started watching YouTube beauty gurus, especially Michelle Phan, which was about 5 years ago in my senior year of high school. Before then, all I ever used was eyeliner, as I was in my rebellious-teenage-rocker phase! Thank God that passed! Haha.

Q: What’s your first ever beauty product?

A:  I was never one of those little girls that used their mom's lipstick and put on their high heels around the house. I was a full on tomboy. The first beauty product that I ever used was tinted moisturizer when the pimples started showing up in puberty. And for a long time, that was the only thing I'd put on my face. Well, that and mascara. 

Q: What’s your favorite makeup brand and why?

A: It depends. I've noticed that recently I tend to gravitate towards Rimmel London a lot, especially for lip products. It's a very affordable brand but I think it's great quality as well. Other than that, I also really enjoy Benefit Cosmetics, largely due to the fact that I've never tried a mascara as good as They're Real before.

Q: Name the one makeup product you cannot live without and why?

A: That would have to be a highlighting concealer just because it makes me look a lot less like a zombie after I pop some under my eyes, on the bridge of my nose and my cupid's bow. I have a really bad case of dark circles so concealer is pretty much a must.

Q: What’s your best makeup tip?

A: This is a tough one. I'd say the best tip I have that will also save you money would be to experiment with products and find out just how versatile they are. For example, the other day I went into a drugstore to pick up some taupe eyeshadow and as I was in quite a rush, I accidentally bought an eyebrow powder that does not suit my eyebrows at all. I played around with it and realized that I actually love the shade as a matte contour, as well as for bringing more definition to my crease.

Q: What’s the one thing your viewers don’t know about you?

A: Probably that I am insanely socially awkward around girls. I don't even know when that happened, but I find it so much easier to connect and bond with guys than to make friends with girls. I find that with guys, there is much more less drama and backstabbing involved.

Q: Do you have any special/hidden talents?

A:  I have been singing for my whole life. I've been in competitions, in choirs, in plays, etc. I absolutely love to sing and it's my best therapy. Whatever is wrong, a good dance around the room with my hairbrush as a microphone and the music blasting will make me feel ten times better.

Q: Why/When did you start posting videos/blog?

A:  I started my blog in the beginning of 2013 as a fitness inspiration outlet to keep myself on track with my goals for getting fit. After I took a pause off of writing for the summer, I realized that I actually really wanted to be a beauty/fashion blogger, with a little bit of lifestyle and health thrown into the mix. Best decision ever. As for posting videos, I actually posted my very first one just a couple of days ago and I'm very happy with that decision as well.

Q: Who’s your biggest inspiration (YouTuber/blogger) and why?

A:  I could sit here and think about this question so I don't come off corny, but I have to admit that it's Michelle Phan. I've watched her for years upon years and her story is the number one reason why I believe that it's a good thing to act upon your dreams and try your hardest to make them come true instead of just waiting for things to happen.



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