TOP 20 Nail Art Items You NEED In Your Kit For A Perfect DIY Manicure AT Home

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Sandi Crystal Ball aka cutepolish, began her youtube channel in early 2010 and quickly skyrocketed as one of the top nail art channels on YouTube. To date, she has acquired an impressive 474,187,556 views and a whopping 3,224,474 subscriber count! Her channel features the hottest nail art designs, DIY nail art techniques and items you need in your nail art kits to recreate her looks!

Her most popular videos include, Newspaper Nail Art with 20 million views alone, 5 Ways to Grow Your Nails FAST and how to Make Your Own Nail Dotting Tool - each with millions of views.

With her incredible fan following and doing this for nearly a decade now, you bet Sandi aka cutepolish knows a thing or two about nails. She recently shared her top twenty nail art staples for every manicure junkie and we've been taking notes!

Here's everything you need to get a "cute" manicure at home.

cutepolish /

#1 Base Coat

While creating the most unbelievable nail designs, it is always important to protect your natural nails with a base coat. This product creates a special barrier between your nails and nail polish, protecting it from harmful chemicals and staining. It also helps the pigment to grab onto your nail plate, making the color last longer.

Infinite Shine ProStay Base Coat Primer

Clear Base Coat

Calcium Boost Base Coat

#2 Variety Of Your Favorite Nail Colors

Of course, it is possible to create appealing nail designs with only a few colors, but it is always nice to have a variety of products to choose from.

OPI Nail Lacquer Collection

#3 Dotting Tools

Polka dot nails are the most popular and classic nail designs which you can easily create with a dotting tool. You can get them is different sizes and create a variety of cute dotted patterns on your nails.

#4 Toothpick

A toothpick is a versatile and affordable tool that you can use to draw lines, dots and even use to clean up your mistakes.

#5 Nail Art Brushes

The next item you need to have for a perfect at home manicure is a set of nail art brushes. They also come in variety of shapes and sizes. Use them to draw anything you like on your nails: patterns, stripes and small details. Clean up the excess mess with a flat synthetic brush and nail polish remover.

Sable Nail Brush

Nail Art Brush Set

#6 Glitter

Add a pinch of sparkle to your manicure with glitter. Usually, it comes in loose form or as a main component in a nail polish product. Pick the one you like the most!

#7 Dip Nail Powder

Dip nail powders have become so popular these days and every nail art junkie needs to own at least one bottle of a gorgeous holographic, metallic or iridescent nail powder. 

#8 Rhinestones 

Sparkly rhinestones are a simple way to decorate your nails, even if you are not a nail art pro. Adding some bling is the easiest way to add a bit of glam to your look.

Nails studs are a simple and affordable nail art accessory that can be used to add an instant edgy vibe to make your nail art designs cool and trendy.

#10 Wax Pencil

A wax pencil is very useful when it comes to picking up and placing all those small nail decorations onto your nails. They come in handy especially when tweezers are too bulky to pick up the tiniest of nail art decorations.

#11 Nail Glue

Clear nail polish is not always good enough to hold all the nail decorations in place. Try using a fast drying nail glue for a long-lasting nail art design.

#12 3D Nail Decor

3D nail art decor always looks incredibly beautiful on the nails and adds an instant wow factor to your look.

3D Nail Art Jewelry

3D Charms Wheel

#13 Nail Vinyls 

If you are just starting you nail art journey, try nail vinyls for a quick and easy nail design. Nail vinyls are re-usable stencils for your nails that come in a variety of designs. Place a vinyl on your nail plate, add a little bit of nail polish over your design and remove, while it is still wet. Creating nail art has never been so simple!

#14 Nail Stamping

Another simple and fast way to create incredible art work on your nails, without spending too much time and effort, is nail stamping. All you need is a nail stamper and a stamping plate. It may take a few tries until you get the hang of it though.

#15 Nail Foils

Nail foils are super affordable and simple to use. They come in so many designs and you won't spend a fortune to decorate your nails with these colorful foils. It's a great way to incorporate the holographic trend and take your nail art to next level.

#16 Skin Barriers 

If you are using a lot of different nail art products and techniques, skin barriers can save your time and nerves. These barriers come in different forms, liquid latex and peel-off tape and they save your cuticles from excess nail polish remover.

Peel Off Nail Barrier

Cuticle Guard

#17 Striping Tape

This thin nail tape can be used to create perfect stripes and graphic designs on your nails. It's also ideal as a minimalistic nail design.

You can use a regular makeup wedge sponge to create a beautiful ombre effect on your nails or to dab on an opaque layer of your favorite glitter. 

Any manicure wouldn't be complete without a good old clear top coat. All of those nail decorations and art deserve to be well-protected under the layer of a good, long lasting top coat.

Dry Fast Top Coat

Fast Drying Top Coat

#20 Nail Wheel

Practice and perfect your nail designs on a set of artificial plastic nails. These nail wheels are especially useful for beginners. 

Nail Wheel

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Check out the entire video from cutepolish, below.


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