This week I'm reviewing my new fave lipsticks which are from Melt!  I've been really excited to try out the new lipstick brand Melt ever since I first saw their amazing lipsticks some time last Autumn, but sadly all their products have always been sold out when I had the chance to buy. Last time they restocked their products, the lipsticks were sold out again in hours, so I was very happy when I finally got lucky a few weeks ago and managed to get 2 of their beautiful matte shades, Bang Bang and 6six6.

The package got here really fast and had stickers, a mirror and of course the lipsticks.

I love cute packaging and stickers so obviously I LOVE this!

That round black thing with lips on it is a mirror and that's a pretty cool extra in my opinion!

The lipstick tube itself is very classy, it's sleek, black and has the Melt logo on it:

Here's what the lipsticks look like in the tube:

Bang Bang was really hard to capture this way since it's so bright, it wanted to look like a shimmery shade all the time even though it's matte, but you get the idea!

left: Bang Bang, right: 6six6

Now that I've been admiring the packaging enough, let's get on to reviewing the actual lipsticks!

Bang Bang

Bang Bang is a very bright true orange matte. I've always wanted to have an orange shade like this but every single orange I've tried before, has made me look pretty much dead with yellow teeth haha :D I'm not sure what it is about oranges, but I just couldn't wear them no matter how pretty they were in the tube! That has resulted to a kind of an orange-lipstick-graveyard in my makeup drawer, so I was a bit nervous when ordering this. to my huge relief, it's perfect!! No yellow teeth, no dead-looking skin, just purely awesome orangeness!!!

The lipstick is very very pigmented, which means that you don't have to wear more than just one layer of it, just go through your lips once and it's all done! No bald spots, no sheerness and most definitely, not a huge creamy and uncomfortable layer of lipstick getting in your teeth:D

Needless to say,  I love this and I'm never looking at another orange again haha :D! You can even apply it lightly with a brush and the color is still true to the tube, bright and opaque.

I really love the matte texture too, I think it makes a bright shade like this brighter but more wearable in a way. I was worried it would be drying because it's matte, but it really isn't. My lips are always dry and chapped and they were actually chapped right before I applied this, but the lipstick kind of smoothed it out! When wearing it for a longer time, it might dry a bit I've heard, but I haven't personally experienced that. The wear-time was great too, I could easily go without touch-ups for 6 hours!

Let's have a look at the shade:

in sunlight:

In shade:

My camera didn't quite understand the brightness of this one, so I had to take a lot of pics to get it right. The full face pics taken in shade show the color the best and truest in my opinion! 

As you can see, it's a true orange matte and my lips don't even look dry as they usually do!

I'd definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to try out orange, it seems to be a very flattering orange too, compared to a lot of those others that I own!  While I mostly don't wear a bright lip every day 'cause it usually is very high maintenance, I'm sure this will be an exception!


6six6 is a very dark burgundy shade, it's the kind of a true vamp-ish shade I think everyone should own! I remember when I was a kid, I was really into this kind of dark lipstick, I didn't wear it of course, but I thought it was the coolest lipstick shade ever and imagined only really cool women wear it :D! 

A lot of lipsticks that are dark like this lean a lot more towards a brick-red than a true dark burgundy, so I was really hoping this wouldn't be one of those! Luckily, it wasn't! I have seen a lot of different looking swatches of this shade, but just like Bang Bang, the shade is very correctly displayed on the Melt website.

6six6 has that same amazingly pigmented, comfortable and opaque matte texture as Bang Bang, so I'm not going to get into it so much, but I have to praise the pigmentation a bit again! I think a lot of darker lipsticks don't fully show their potential if they're applied with a brush and not so heavily. Multiple heavy layers of lipstick are uncomfortable and more likely to smudge around so I was a very happy girl when I noticed this baby actually is the perfect dark burgundy even when applied lightly with a brush in just one thin layer! This again means that it isn't as high maintenance as some darker shades are and I can easily wear it every day :D! YAY :D!! Wear-time was about 6 hours before it started to fade enough to need a touch-up and it didn't dry my lips at all.

Let's have a look at 6six6 too!

in the sun:

In shade:

The full face pics taken in shade show the color best again.

As you can see, it's very, very dark and vampy, just the way I wanted it to be!

I'd definitely recommend 6six6 to anyone wanting to try out a dark matte shade that (in my opinion) is also a very flattering shade. The texture is perfect and I personally feel a lot more confident wearing a dark shade when I know it doesn't smudge around, end up in my teeth or get bald spots!

I absolutely love these two shades, I originally had very high expectations about them and they ended up being just like I dreamed and better :D! Plus I still can't get over how smooth my lips look when wearing these, my lips are never smooth! Not even when I'm wearing just lip balm let alone with lipstick haha :D!

You can get both of these at www.meltcosmetics.com for $19 each, 6six6 is in stock right as i'm writing this but for all their other shades I'd recommend joining the mailing list to find out restocking dates!

I think lipstick this awesome is absolutely worth my $19 and I personally can't wait to get my hands on every single one of their other shades!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely week <3!


Available: Melt Cosmetics Website

Price: $19 USD


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Comment by Zerina on May 18, 2014 at 8:59am

6six6 is absolutely to die for. I've been wanting a few of their shades for weeks now! 

Comment by annamaria Kyriazis on January 27, 2014 at 8:37pm

Thanks doll for the review. I've seen them on instagram and they do look awesome :-)

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