Kourtney Kardashian's Morning Skincare & Makeup Routine

Out of all the Kardashian sisters, Kourtney really seems the one to have the most natural, simplistic look and it's really working well for her! As she's approaching the big 4-0 later this month, we're taking some serious notes as she just shared her beauty and makeup secrets with Vogue.

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Kourtney Kardashian explains she started reading labels and was very conscious of what products she was using on her kids and later incorporated "clean beauty products" in her daily regimen as well.

Something that most of us could relate to is that skincare is that one time of the day that we can really just have to ourselves. Kourtney says, "doing my skincare is like, a moment of the day, where I have to myself. I think doing my makeup is not something I look as forward to because I love getting my makeup done."

For so many of us, makeup can easily become a task especially when we have a hectic lifestyle or busy schedule. Kourtney continues, "doing my own makeup is more of a task, this is why I do this really quick makeup routine."

Let's jump right into the fun stuff! Her morning skincare routine begins with a good-for-you face mask that she mixes herself.


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"Root Science Facial Mask and you mix it yourself. This is a detox purifying, clarifying mask, so today, I am mixing it with honey but you can mix it with water, you can mix it with anything."


AmericanVogue / youtube.com

"I am mixing equal parts honey and coconut oil and mixing it all together. I just keep these products in my bathroom so that I can make them anytime.  I love to do a lip scrub, especially if I'm going to be wearing like a bright lip or a dark lip to make sure that your lips are really soft." 

Kourtney later adds raw organic sugar to the mix. She makes a batch and stores in a glass container that she keeps in her bathroom.

She then washes the mask off and uses a muslin cloth instead of a washcloth because it's better and more gentler on the skin. Then, Kourtney uses fresh pads from her dermatologist's office across her face. The pads contain natural ingredients such as  tea tree oil and witch hazel. So basically a face toner in a convenient pad form that tightens pores.


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"Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Acid is one of my most favorite products. I use it day and night."


AmericanVogue / youtube.com

When your body feels dry or dehydrated she recommends Caudalie Beauty Elixir. Kourtney says "you can use any water spray though even you can just use like water if you want."


AmericanVogue / youtube.com

"Then, I'll put a little oil. It also gives a little glow under your makeup."


AmericanVogue / youtube.com

"Everyday I put on sunscreen whether it's raining, sunny - I love the elta MD."


AmericanVogue / youtube.com

"People would do my makeup and everyone would use different foundation and so I started making everyone use this foundation that I love and it's Oxygenetix and it's healthy for your skin and I use two colors Honey and Almond and I swear that this is one of the things that really helped get my skin together and I apply this with my hands."

We love that she's a minimalist and goes right in with her bare hands and her skin looks so amazing!


AmericanVogue / youtube.com

"I have been using this under eye concealer forever, it's Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer and and I use this mini Beauty Blender just for under eyes."


AmericanVogue / youtube.com

"I just kind of sweep this all over my face and I do not wear blush so I like to do a little of it with bronzer. We are keeping is super simple so I used the same bronzer to contour my nose, my eyelids and bronze my face."

Bronzer is always a good product to take on-the-go, too and is definitely one of those multi-purposing products you can use for everything.


AmericanVogue / youtube.com

Of course, Kourt had to show a little love to her younger sisters and their perspective beauty lines! She uses KKW Beauty Contour in an unconventional way and says "instead of drawing the lines on my face, I like to keep it a little more natural so I put it on my hand, take a brush, I don't use this every time I do my makeup, this is just like once in a while when you just want a little extra."


AmericanVogue / youtube.com

She then goes in with a bit of spot concealing "to cover any little spots that I'm not appreciating."


AmericanVogue / youtube.com

"Some translucent powder, this one is Laura Mercier and I put my Beauty Blender into it and I just go over the spots that I don't want to be super shiny."

Of course, the holy grails of all powders!


AmericanVogue / youtube.com

"I always curl my eyelashes first this is the Troy Surratt eyelash curler."

If you haven't noticed already, this is the same one that sister Kim Kardashian used in her signature glam video. 

AmericanVogue / youtube.com

"This is my Lancome mascara. (Since) mascara really doesn't go into your skin, so I don't feel as guilty."


AmericanVogue / youtube.com 

"I like to over line. This is a Kylie lipliner in Dolce K is the color and I love her lipliners, I think it's my favorite Kylie product. I use Kim and Kylie's lines for different things - I think it's amazing how they've both come up with such different products. They're both serving my different makeup needs."

AmericanVogue / youtube.com

"This is RMS Magic Hour and I like the line to be a bit darker than the lipstick, '90s vibes."


AmericanVogue / youtube.com 

"(When) filling in my eyebrows I pretty much stay with(in) the shape I don't do any crazy tricks or anything. I just kind of fill in a bit."


AmericanVogue / youtube.com

"This is luminizer. Sometimes I will put the tiniest touch on the sides, just right here but I am not a fan of the crazy-like, the contour, the highlighter, like that whole look - it's not my vibe."

Watch Kourtney's step by step beauty and makeup video, in it's entirety:

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