Face & Body Painting Tutorial Inspired by Nelly Recchia


I decided to do some face painting this time. I haven't really done anything on a bigger "canvas" before so I'm not quite sure how this looks like. I also wasn't so sure about how to do a tutorial on this look, so you can expect some blurry pictures and weird explanations haha :D

Hope you like this anyways!

I wanted to try to recreate some of the absolutely beautiful work by Nelly Recchia (you should definitely google her if you haven't seen her work!!) but I kind of modified the look to suit my level better. Since this is the second time I've ever painted something bigger than an eye, I have to say I didn't quite know what to do with everything and I really must admire the people who paint their own chests/necks because even though I didn't even expect it to be easy, it turned out to be a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.

Here's how it all ended up looking like:

Sorry for the blurry pics and weird poses :D i'm seriously new to this full-face thing!

The Tutorial:

I started with the neck thing because I was sure it would be the first part that would totally fail. I wanted to hand-paint the lace but decided to stencil it with actual lace. I first covered half of my neck with white kryolan supracolor and then pressed the lace on it while it was still sticky. Then I patted black eyeshadow through the lace. I used urban decay creep eyeshadow. First I tried to do the whole pattern at once but realized doing the lace pattern in smaller sections worked a lot better.

Here's how that first section looked like.

As you can see, I didn't cover my chest tattoo in any way, I only realized afterwards I should have covered it up and tried to edit it out.

...more sections... the parts where two different sections meet are a bit blurry so if you do this you might want to be careful with the edges not going on top of each other.

Do the both sides of your neck the same way leaving only a gap between the "lace" parts . I naturally didn't do the back of my own neck but if you have help or do this on someone else it will be more "wearable" (you know, wearable for a costume or something, going all around the neck.

After doing all the lace line the edges with black eyeshadow or some body paint. I used ben nye aqua paint for this. I personally found it really, really hard to do straight nice lines on my own neck so you might want a bit of help with this. I'm going to forgive myself though 'cause I'm a beginner.

Then do the laces with eyeshadow or body paint. I used ben nye black aqua paint again. I was supposed to put a bow on it too but gave up.

If you actually do this i think you might want to measure how you put the lacing here because I didn't and I noticed later they weren't all that symmetrical.

Then put some "shine" on the laces (to look like satin). I used white Ben Nye aqua paint.

I decided to create the eyelets or "holes" for which the lace ribbon is usually threaded through. I used Ben Nye aqua paints again.

Do a very thin brow and shade it down towards your nose with a brown eyeshadow. I used urban decay naked palette for this. Then prime your lids and apply black, blue and green eyeshadows in a winged shape. That fallout isn't a part of the finished look. I used fyrinnae raven's prophecy eyeshadow for the black and kissable lips cosmetics pigments nauti & grenade.

This is just a rough shape of the eye so it's not so well blended.

Continue the blue and green almost to the brow and put on black eyeshadow on the lower lid leaving a gap there for some tears.

Take the eyeshadow all the way to the brow with light grey eyeshadow and some shimmery white. I used crownbrush smoke it out palette for the grey and dark heart designs bone daddy for the white.

Then create the tear shape with white ben nye aqua paint and shade the teardrop with some black eyeshadow. I used urban decay creep for the shading.

Then I started to do some shading on the teardrop with kissable lips cosmetics blue chroma color. It's a kind of a build able multi-use cream that worked great here.

After shading a bit more with the blue, I added some "shine" with white ben nye aqua paint.

then i shaded some more.

...and added a second teardrop. I also set the whole thing with Sugarpill tako (white eyeshadow) and blended the shades together a bit more.

After all the shading, add some pink on your cheeks. I used Sugarpill's dollipop for that. Also remember to do the other eye!

Then just add lashes, eyeliner and lip color. I used Sugarpill dewdrop lashes, golden rose liquid liner and for the lips, I used kissable lips cosmetics blue chroma color with lime crime loop de loop carousel gloss.


  • Ben Nye Black Aqua Paint
  • Crownbrush Smoke It Out Palette
  • Dark Heart Designs Bone Daddy
  • Fyrinnae Raven's Prophecy Eyeshadow
  • Golden Rose Liquid Liner
  • Kissable Lips Cosmetics Blue Chroma Color
  • Kissable Lips Cosmetics Pigment Grenade
  • Kissable Lips Cosmetics Pigment Nauti
  • Kryolan Supracolor
  • Lime Crime Loop De Loop Carousel Gloss
  • Sugarpill Dewdrop Lashes
  • Sugarpill Tako
  • Sugarpill's Dollipop
  • Urban Decay Creep Eyeshadow
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette

I ended up actually smudging the neck design with my hair and nothing went as I planned but it was fun anyways. Don't know if anything in this would look that great in a close-up pic but it's ok considering I haven't really done any face painting before. Hope you guys liked it!

Have an awesome week there <3!


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