Beauty Products to Glam You Up in No Time

There is one thing that's worse than realizing you're running late to school or to work in the morning: realizing that you're late and that you’re not presentable yet. Trying to apply makeup while putting on your clothes, brushing your teeth and checking the time is mission impossible, but that doesn’t mean that you have to leave home looking disheveled. If you’re one of those ladies who’s always in a hurry, we give you a list of 5 wonderful beauty products which will make your morning preparations much easier and quicker.

Elegant Eyeliner

It’s practically miraculous just how much more confident a woman feels when she’s wearing eyeliner! Unfortunately, applying your eyeliner perfectly every time is very difficult, especially when you’re already stressed because you don’t have much time. There are many tricks you can use to get that perfect winged eyeliner every time, but the one we loved best is this amazing eyeliner stamp. It's a simple rubber stamp that you can cover with your gel or liquid eyeliner and then simply press it onto your lid to get that perfect wing without having to spend ages drawing it. Use small or medium, depending on your preferences and after you've ‘stamped' the wing, fill it in and voila – flawless wings every time.

Lovely Lashes

Thick and long lashes have been in focus this past couple of seasons and girls all over the world are experimenting with different fake lashes to get the desired look. To be honest, as good as it looks, applying false lashes every morning is time-consuming and the glue can irritate your eyes if you use it for too long. Lash extensions are the perfect choice for all the girls who want their lashes to be noticeable but not over-the-top. You can even try applying for eyelash extension course and become an expert. All your girlfriends will love it, and besides having perfect lashes without effort every day, you might even be able to earn some money on the side if you decide to do it for others.

Heavenly Hair

We're not all blessed with long, thick, healthy hair (sadly), but that doesn't mean that out hairstyles have to be boring. If you struggle with oily skin, it's likely that you also have greasy hair. While these natural oils are good for your hair, it can really be unprofessional to tie your hair back every single day. Instead of washing your hair every morning and stripping your scalp of these natural oils, you can try using a dry shampoo instead. It will make your hair voluminous and oil-free for at least a day longer than it usually would be. Depending on your hair color you could try some of the alternative methods: blondes can get away with using ordinary baby powder while brunettes could try mixing cocoa powder with cornstarch.

Luscious Lips

Nothing in the world beats perfectly applied bright red lipstick – ask any woman’s opinion and she will gladly confirm this claim. If you’re one of those girls who can’t imagine leaving home without wearing lipstick or even lip gloss, you might want to try something that not only looks great but helps your lips at the same time. Tinted lip balms are great because they will protect your lips and hydrate them while simultaneously covering them with a glossy layer that draws the eye. If you would like something a bit more dramatic, like bold, long-lasting matte lipsticks, try applying some balm or coconut oil to your lips first as matte lipsticks can leave them dry.

Sensual Skin

If you have sensitive skin or you struggle with pimples and blemishes often, you probably can’t imagine leaving home without at least foundation. Instead of using several products (moisturizer, primer, foundation), why not opt for one of multifunctional BB creams? They are wonderfully versatile products and there are so many on the market for you to choose from, depending on your skin type. The right BB cream will not only even out your skin tone and provide you with deep hydration, but it will protect it from harmful sun rays because it offers broad-spectrum SPF. If you suffer from breakouts, you can choose the one with hyaluronic acid, while those with dry skin could try the one that contains glycerin.

Sometimes no matter how hard you’re trying there’s no way you are going to nail the look you wanted. Being nervous and upset is only going to make things worse, so if you notice that you’re struggling with the look you planned, try improvising a bit. Being creative with your hair and makeup is a great way to save time, discover new looks and be more confident in your skin. Happiness and confidence are almost palpable, so try to remember the old saying by one of the queens of elegance, Audrey Hepburn: “Happy girls are the prettiest.

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