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Q: What does makeup/beauty/fashion mean to you?

A: Beauty & fashion are a big part of my world and my everyday life! I think that with the correct beauty routine and with regularly applying some well known beauty tips & tricks we can all let our natural beauty shine!

Fashion is a huge part of my life! I actually work in fashion as a fashion blogger and am a part time sales assistant. I'm always surrounded with new trends and new arrivals! Fashion to me, is like a big game, a way I can express myself.
I never take fashion too seriously though. To me, fashion exists to brighten up my days and to inspire me to be creative in my life!

Q: When did you start getting into makeup/beauty/fashion?

A: Growing up, I had always looked up to my Mum. She was (and still is), very fashionable! She always dedicated time to her hair & makeup and people always complimented her on the way she dressed. She liked going to the tailor and had her clothes custom made for her, with nice materials and unique designs.

I think I grew up with that same passion, as I remember going with her on shopping trips to Italy, ever since I was old enough to hold a passport!
Fashion was always a big part of my life, but as far as makeup is concerned, I started wearing it in high school, not earlier than that and even then, it was just concealer, mascara and a lipstick, or a lip gloss!
When I began my youtube channel, I started experimenting more and more with makeup and I learned a lot thanks to the youtube beauty community!


Q: What's your first ever beauty product?

A: I think it was a mascara, a freebie from a fashion magazine, when I was a teenager. A little worried about how my parents would react on me wearing makeup,  I explained to them that I didn't actually go and buy a mascara, but it was a gift in a magazine that I usually read! 

Q: What's your favorite makeup brand and why?

A: It's hard to tell! I like to experiment with makeup and test different products. I have a lot of brands that work great for me! I love MAC lipsticks, Chanel and Bourjois foundations, Dior and Urban Decay eyeshadows...The Balm and Benefit for blushes and highlighters...I also like drugstore brands, and more affordable brands and one of my favorite places to shop for a great quality yet affordable makeup is Kiko, a young Italian brand, that has quickly become quite famous among beauty bloggers!

Q: Name the one makeup product you cannot live without and why?

A: It's a tough call between mascara and lipstick! If I really had to pick one, I'd say lipstick, because a nice, vivid color on your lips can really transform your whole face!

Q: What's your best makeup tip?

A: Always remove your makeup before going to sleep! No exceptions. No excuses.

Q: What's the one thing your viewers don't know about you?

A:  Over the past 6 years of blogging, I've shared a lot with my viewers! The ones who are following me since I started must know me pretty well by now! For the ones who are new to my youtube channel and  blog, one quick fact about me is that I'm Croatian, but I've been living in Italy since 2007. And before that, I lived in London!

Q: Do you have any special/hidden talents?

A:  I'm very creative and when I'm into something I can be very passionate about it!

Q: Why/When did you start posting videos & blogging?

A: I started posting videos back in June 2009 and I started my blog shortly afterwards! I'm still passionate about it as I was the very day I posted my first video!

Q: Who's your biggest beauty/fashion inspiration (YouTuber/blogger/MUA, etc.) and why?

A: I can't name one single person! A lot of youtubers and bloggers are my inspiration on a daily basis and I'm very thankful to be a part of this community! Just the thought of being able to inspire someone in the way I'm inspired by others, makes it all worth a while!



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