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Sprada Makeup- July 2015

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Q: What does makeup mean to you?
A: Makeup for me is similar to paintings, which I create. As an abstract painter, drawer and graphic I found so much happiness in makeup and beauty. What makeup means to me? It's a great form creation - I can change myself everyday!

Q: When did you start getting into makeup?
A:  I started when I met my husband at Art Academy.

Q: What’s your first ever beauty product?
A:  Baked Eyeshadows from brand Pupa.

Q: What’s your favorite makeup brand and why? 
A: Giorgio Armani! He's a real genius in every single way - design of packaging, colors - everything. I'm a huge fan of Giorgio and I admire his talent.

Q: Name the one makeup product you cannot live without and why? 
A: Corrector because I have very dark circles under eyes.

Q:  What’s your best beauty tip? 
AUse camouflage with highlighter (like YSL Touche Éclat and many dupes of it) - this combo will open your eyes. Highlighter is also great in face contouring.

Q: What's the one thing your viewers/followers don''t know about you? 
 I'm a crazy person with a black sense of humor :D I love Tim Burton's movies because I understands him in 100% - I'm just like him.

Q: Do you have any special/hidden talents? 
 Before I decided I wanted to be a painter I was learning to sing - classic, jazz, pop and I also wrote many poems about love. I can play the guitar - electric and classic and the piano.

Q: Why/When did you start posting videos/blog?
A: I'm a shopping, beauty freak :D I spent a lot of money on beauty products and I decided that I want share my thoughts with all world!

Q: Who’s your biggest beauty inspiration (YouTuber/blogger) and why?
A: Katosu
, NikkieTutorials, Kat von D, Kandee Johnson, Maxineczka. Why? Just watch them - they're all great :)




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Comment by Gosia Świat-Recenzji on July 7, 2015 at 5:02am

My makeup guru <3 Congrats Pat <3

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