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Q: What does makeup/beauty/fashion mean to you?

A: To me, makeup is all about self expression. I love using makeup to tell a story or convey an attitude. If I'm feeling bold and confident then I will wear a purple lip or smoky eye. If I'm feeling glamorous and dramatic then I will put on some false lashes and a sparkling highlight.It's all about having fun and not taking yourself so seriously. Sitting down at my vanity is my way to disconnect with what's going on around me and just have some fun and be creative. 

Q: When did you start getting into makeup/beauty/fashion?

A: I have always had a love for makeup and beauty but it wasn't until recently that I discovered it was more than a hobby but rather something I wanted to make a career out of. After having my first child, I took advantage of my opportunity to stay home and started putting together an Instagram page dedicated to all things makeup and beauty. I used it as a platform to show off my creativity and passion for makeup. I have had so much fun with it that I have branched out to blogging as well as filming video tutorials. I love to see my growth from when I first started and I can't wait to see how much more I will continue to grow in the future. 

Q: What's your first ever beauty product?

A: Black eyeliner was my first ever beauty product! It was the only product I couldn't leave the house without and I definitely wore too much and I definitely blended it too little! 

Q: What's your favorite makeup brand and why?

A: I am obsessed with all things Kat Von D Beauty! I have always been on the alternative side and the brand really speaks to that part of me. Their products are not only amazing quality but also super unique! The packaging is always so creative and beautiful to look at and their products sit on my vanity like little works of art.

Q: Name the one makeup product you cannot live without and why?

A: The one makeup product I cannot live without is lipstick. I am such a lipstick junkie! I think it's the easiest way to transform your look and also one of the prettiest. I can go out in just mascara and a bold lip and still feel super fierce.

Q: What's your best makeup tip?

A: Just to practice like crazy and be adventurous. It's only makeup and it washes off so try new things and challenge yourself! Also, blend!!

Q: Do you have any special/hidden talents?

A:  I went to pastry school and can make a pretty mean cupcake. I also went to art school and have experience in photography, and I just started playing Roller Derby and can land a pretty good hit or two.

Q: Who's your biggest beauty/fashion inspiration (YouTuber/blogger/MUA, etc.) and why?

A: My biggest beauty inspiration is definitely Latecia Thomas. I think she is absolutely gorgeous of course but, more importantly, I love that she is so outspoken about body positivity and promoting self love and acceptance. I think it's so important to have these role models and women to look up to who don't exactly fit all the standards of beauty that society demands of us. I think she is so inspirational and her videos and tutorials have not only helped me get better at makeup but they have also helped me get better at feeling confident and beautiful in my own skin. 




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