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Q: What does nail art mean to you?

A: Nail art to me is great form of expression. It's a way for me to express myself, by being creative and unique. It's also the best accessory!

Q: When did you start getting into nail art?

A: I started nail art a year ago. I was browsing on the internet and was surprised; I can even decorate my nails, besides painting them. Ever since then I was hooked! 

Q: What’s your 1st ever nail art product besides nail polish?

A: Dotting tools! Once I was painting my nails properly, I couldn't wait to be more creative. So I purchased dotting tools, to enhance my nail art skills. As I got the hang of it, I then started purchasing other nail art materials. 

Q: What’s your favorite nail polish brand and why?

A: Ugh! That's really hard! I would have to say Essie. I love their formula, they quickly dry and spend days on end with them without chipping. I especially, love the colors they come with. 

Q: Name the one nail art product you cannot live without and why?

A: I definitely can not live without my nail polish thinner. It's really an essential for me, since I have a tendency to leave my polish open for a while and they get too thick. So I usually, use a small amount of polish thinner to keep the polish consistency the way I like it. I don't like my polishes to be too thick, it just ruins the way I apply my nails. 

Q: What’s your best nail art tip?

A: The best nail art tips, I live by, is patience, practice and keeping your nails clean. When I started, there were plenty of times I would make a mistake on my nail art or it wasn't looking the way I envisioned, I would get upset. However, I've learned in time and practice you will see the progress your making, that's worth all the hard work. As for nails, you really just have to do them very clean! You don't even need to be the best nail artist out there, but as long as you have clean nails (no polish on the cuticles, moisturized cuticles, etc.) your art work would stand out! 

Q: What’s the one thing your viewers don’t know about you?

A: Besides, nail art I love to bake/cake decorate. I've even took a cake decorating course and am certified. I love anything that involves art! 

Q: Do you have any special/hidden talents?

A: I can hold my breathe for 10 minutes under water! :)

Q: Why/When did you start posting videos/blog?

A: I started, officially, blogging about few months. I had my Tumblr first and I realized I wanted to express and explain my nail art inspirations. I felt many readers out there wanted to know how or why I created my artwork. And to connect with people who have similar interest!

Q: Who’s your biggest inspiration (YouTuber/blogger) and why?

A: would have to say Madeline Poole & Sarah from Chalkboard Nails, I would freak out if I every meet them...seriously! When I was first interested in nail art I stumbled upon their blogs and I was hooked. My first nail art I've learned was by watching Sarah's tutorial on YouTube & Madeline Poole nail art style was more what I was going for, simplicity




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Comment by annamaria Kyriazis on September 28, 2013 at 7:39pm

beautiful <3

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