To all of you awesome nail gurus out there,  I have some questions about nails. I have never been a big nail person due to a bad experience after a trip to a nail salon. The nails hurt so bad that I had to have them removed and it was obvious that the nail tech was a little grind happy and it took months for my nails to grow out of the massive indentations. Long story short, I decided to give getting my nails done another shot. While this time they were painless and beautiful, it was time to get them removed. It took about an hour and a half to remove the nails. (The tech said that she didn't know what was used on my nails - appeared to be a combination of acrylic and gel). So now I have the unattractive indentations in my nails, my questions are:

Is it normal for nails to be grinded so deep? Can I ask for them not to be filed down?

Are there any recommended products to use after the damage to make the nail stronger?

Is there a real difference between the acrylic and gel nail?

Thank you all for any info, I love nails, just not sure what I should be asking for when getting them done. Happy Holidays to all you beautiful people!

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@ Tron Von Tronest Anything that covers the nail bed and doesn't allow it to breathe will damage your nails. I used to do gel and acrylic and over years my nails were never the same, but as long as the nail bed is not filled away then your okay and removal is not harsh, your nails will be fine. I think two weeks of nail gel shouldn't be so bad, but do give your nails a rest.  Use Nail Tech products found in any local  CVS , Rite Aid or Walgreens .

@ Tron Von Tronest

1 - It isn't normal for nails to be grinded too deep. Of course you must request not to file them down so badly! The bad thing thing is that in order to apply acrylics or gel the first step is to dehydrate the nails. They file them due to that. (Nail filing is bad for your natural nails if you do this often)

2 - Nail hardeners comes with base coats along with other treatments, best products that worked for me are: China Glaze - Strong Adhesion Base Coat ; Sally Hansen - Nailgrowth Miracle; OPI - Natural Nail Base Coat. Remember to always keep your nails moisturized either with hands creams or cuticle oil.

3 - There's a huge difference between acrylics and gel nails. The gel nails are of course gel or more liquid based, the acrylic is powder combined with a liquid soaked applicator. By default these are cured under UV light which unfortunately cause cancer. So it's healthier to do glue some false tips against the strong chemicals your natural nails are exposed to.

Hope this helps, happy new year!

Thank you all for the wonderful input. Your replies are super helpful and informative. I will definitely stay out of the nail salon for a while. ;)

hi tron if you want to make your nail stronger and attractive use coconut oil.take oil and gently massage on your nails for 5-10 mins.coconut oil will  make your nail stronger and shiny and i use oil and my nails has become quite strong and shiny :)

I have been wondering about this.. brilliant post really helped me out.


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