Today I want to share with you a concept that in Spain iscalled "Intercamvlogs"

("Swap" in America)

It consists in the following:

Two or more youtubers interchange videos between channels

e.g. I make a video and GlamXpress makes another one. Then she sends me the video and vice versa. Then, I upload her video to my channel and she uploads my video to her channel.

This a great way of cross-promoting and reaching a broader audience, also having a fun time!

So now I propose, since I'm going to start using my second channel (AwenyrDIY) to upload English speaking videos, that if anyone of you is glad to do it (or even more than one person)

I would love to Interchangevlogs with you. Please let me know!


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Hi @Trina Morgan It was a bit disappointing to read your comment, to be honest. I think that maybe I haven't explained it well.

This is not a way to "boost" your subscribers, but a way to establish new relations between us video content creators and maybe start new ways of collaborating with each other. I don't have lots of subscribers myself, but you won't see me trying to "take advantage" of the ones who do because, first of all, I want to have fun and a beautiful time with you guys, mainly here at Glam Express ('cause I don't take any direct profit from Glam Express)

So I will have to seriously think about your offer as I'm not comfortable with this way of getting things done. I'm sorry.

By the way, hope you understand that I'm not trying "harass" you in the sense that I'm not at all mad or anything, I'm just trying to clear things up & also I wish all the best in YouTube as I know this is not easy to achieve.

Thanks a lot for replying to this topic & see you soon! ^

I think it is a great idea, you tube is such a big site and there are some many videos to see, why not help your subbies find other great artist that you put your stamp of approval on I think it's a wonderful idea Aweryr.


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