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I live in the city of Rosario - Santa Fe Province and I am a professional makeup artist, graduated in Aesthetics Training Institute ICES 2011

During these yearsI attended several improvement and training courses to continue growing and stay up do date with the latest trendsI was fortunate to work with renowned colleagues, artists and designers in my country, who are certainly responsible for a big part of my learning. 

I was summoned to make up in theater, television and in major parades, advertising campaigns and events in generalI have been part of many weddings, birthdays and graduations.

Since I met this wonderful world, I could understand it was meant forand naively playing, I discovered what I can now call my vocation or career.

It's a long way, which you always learn something new and that's perhaps what makes it so interesting.
I'd like to utilize this site to share with you, regardless how much or little you may know about makeup, I would like to provide my knowledge, my experience and show some of my work, so you can also learn a little bit more about me and also derive inspiration and gain insight of the makeup industry.

The best foundation is a good attitude and beauty is not

something that someone can give us...

but it is a power that comes from within us and accompanies us from the beginning, you just have to have a heart.

A big love to all!

Emanuel Lencina

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