MAC Cosmetics Customizable Pro Palette Review & Is It Worth The Expense?

Hello lovelies, how are you doing today? MAC Cosmetics brand is widely-known for its diverse range of  high-quality eyeshadows and other makeup products. For many makeup junkies around the word it is rather complicated and not always affordable to purchase their wonderful makeup products. For this reason, I always prefer to think twice, before buying products by MAC. When I first heard about the possibility to customize your personal MAC eyeshadow palette, I thought it would be too costly and inconvenient, but shortly changed my mind. Today, we are going to talk about probably the most popular eyeshadow palettes that ever existed in the beauty world - MAC Cosmetics customizable pro palette with a possibility to fill it with your favorite eyeshadow colors for every moment of your life.

Let me start my review with a little prehistory. I wanted to purchase a high-quality eyeshadow palette with at least nine basic eyeshadow colors for every makeup occasion. For a long time, I've been using a very appealing matte eyeshadow palette for my everyday purposes, which had lovely but not lasting colors. When searching for a new palette, I decided to stop my thoughts on MAC Cosmetics, because I had few eyeshadow by MAC in the past and loved them. And so my search have started and lasted a very long time! MAC X9 palettes looked really attractive, but none of them had all nine shades I liked. Plus, X9 palettes are really tiny and I wanted a palette, that will last long time. For instance, one refill pan with regular Mac eyeshadow contains 1.5 g / 0.05 US oz and X9 palette has only 5.85 g / 0.20 US oz overall. Thus, it was not what I wanted.

The difference is obvious, so the customizable pro palette was my best option. A full palette with 15 eyeshadow colors of your choice contains 22.5 g of products, which will last you a very long time. When researching about this palette, I stumbled across one video review, where a girl was sharing her top favorite eyeshadows from MAC. She claimed, that after a whole year of everyday usage, she'd only hit a pan of her Naked Lunch eyeshadow. Sounds fascinating! So, is MAC customizable palette worth the effort and money? Surprisingly, yes! And when my MAC Cosmetics order have finally arrived, I couldn't b happier with my choice.

Highly pigmented powder. Applies evenly, blends well. Can be used wet or dry. Available in a wide variety of textures and finishes. Create a customized palette of shades by fitting into any Pro Palette Eye Shadow / Concealer Insert for easy storage and transport.

First of all, let's talk about the packaging. I love the simplicity, class and elegance of the Mac pro palette. It is sleek, black, made of sturdy plastic and features a clear cover with three well-known letters. This see-through cover allows you to see all the color choices you have for a nice makeup look. The inside part of the palette is magnetic and the eyeshadow refills have a little magnet glued to the pan for perfect adhesion. Eyeshadow pans stay secure, thanks to this simple technology.

You can complete your large pro palette with various plastic inserts, which keep your palette organized and neat-looking. For example, you can insert a cream color base and blush insert for your collection of MAC makeup foundations and blushes. Well, I'm building a basic eyeshadow collection, therefore a plastic 15 eyeshadow insert, that holds eyeshadow refills in place works perfect for me. The large insert is also made of a sturdy plastic and features rounded openings on one side, so the magnets on the back part of pan sticks to the bottom of the palette. 

Large single-sided pro palette is big enough to accommodate 15 eyeshadow refills, but it still looks quite petite and convenient, for that reason, a customizable palette doesn't clutter the vanity. Of course, not everyone needs even 15 eyeshadow colors. Let's be honest, for a perfect everyday look it is enough to have only four basic colors. You can opt out a large palette and customize your own compact quad (or duo) MAC palette with the eyeshadow colors you are going to be using every day. The small customizable palettes are incredibly useful, because you can throw one of them in your makeup bag.

Now, it is time to move on to my little MAC eyeshadow collection. For starters, I've decided to pick basic matte colors, which I'm going to use for blending and shading. Later, I plan to add few vivid eyeshadows for color accents and, maybe few glittering shades. So, I got five matte eyeshadows: malt, quarry, espresso, embark and carbon; one velvet eyeshadow called vanilla. Two colors I already had in my collection - sable with gorgeous frost finish and velvety beauty marked. I will try my best to describe the shade and texture of each eyeshadow.

Vanilla [Velvet]

Vanilla eyeshadow is described as peachy-ivory color with reflects and a velvet finish. I would describe it as a matte ivory eyeshadow with reflecting particles, but they are almost invisible once applied on the skin. The color is amazing, I really like how it looks and blend, but I was expecting it to be lighter. As a cheekbone highlighter Vanilla is not bright and reflecting enough, but it is perfect for the brow bone.

Malt [Matte]

Malt is a soft pinkish-beige color, perfect for blending crease or an all-over the lid everyday eyeshadow. Usually it is hard to blend matte eyeshadows, but Malt blend on the skin easily and seamlessly. It is a very versatile, but a subtle color and I highly recommend you to give it a try. You can use Malt as a base color for smoky eyes or apply it over the lid for a delicate everyday look.

Quarry [Matte]

The next MAC eyeshadow I want to review is Quarry. Describe on the website as a soft muted plum brown, Quarry is a perfect pair for Sable, Twinkle Deep, Indian Ink and many other plum and chocolate based cool-toned eyeshadow colors. It is perfect as a transitioning color, easy to blend and just as versatile as Quarry. I know this shade is not very popular among MAC lovers, but, in my opinion, it is a must-have shade for everyone who likes to play with cool-toned eyeshadows.

Espresso [Matte]

Presented as a muted golden brown Espresso is one more versatile eyeshadow in my collection. It is a bit warmer, than Quarry and Malt, but I wouldn't say it is a golden brown. Warmer medium brown with rich pigmentation this eyeshadow is great as all-over color for soft neutral smoky eye makeup. If you need a good transitioning color for your browns, I suggest you to go for Espresso. You can even use this shade to fill in your eyebrows. Need a little help to fill in and define your eyebrows? Check out my simple step by step eyebrow tutorial and take your eyebrow game to a new level!

Embark [Matte]

I'm a little bit addicted to fading transitioning colors, but it is time for something more dramatic! Embark eyeshadow is an intense reddish brown color with matte finish. Rich and highly-pigmented, this eyeshadow reminds of noble redwood tree. I expected this shade to be more red, but it is a very appealing color. You can use Embark to intensify the overall eye makeup in the outer corners of the eyes and lower lashline. I plan to create a reddish smoky eye with this eyeshadow, blending the crease with Malt or Quarry.

Sable [Frost]

A gold-plum Sable eyeshadow with bronze pearl is my Mac old-timer. I don't even remember when I got it and still have plenty of product. Now, when my Sable has a home, I plan to use it more frequent, than before. To me Sable is a plum mid-brown eyeshadow and I love its beautiful frosty finish and pigmented formula. Sable is also a very versatile shade and will work well on every eye color. This eyeshadow is very similar to Satin Taupe - one of the MAC's most popular colors. Apply Sable on your eyelid and blend it with Quarry for an everyday smokey with frosty twist!

Beauty Marked [Velvet]

Some pro makeup artists claim, that Beauty Marked is a mistake, that everyone must commit. Black-red matte based eyeshadow with bright red pearly sparkles, Beauty Marked looks so charming in the pan. Though, when swatched on a hand, it looses its charm, becoming uneven and chunky. I had Beauty Marked in a single Mac eyeshadow packaging and, while depotting this color, I accidentally smashed it, fixing it later with alcohol. Unexpectedly, Beauty Marked became more pigmented after this little casualty. Now it is easy to grab on brush and work with this color.

Carbon [Matte]

And the final, but just for now, color in my palette is Carbon. This is a classic, intense black eyeshadow color with an even matte finish. Don't expect Carbon to be a super-duper black, it is intense enough to complete the smokey eye look, but not as black as some makeup junkies want it to be. It has a semi-opaque formula and I can't say it is very easy to blend. I wish it was just a bit more intense and blendable. A plain black eyeshadow is a must-have color in every palette, so I think it is going to be very useful.

I'm not sure, when I will complete these large pro palette with all 15 eyeshadow refills. The reasons, why I couldn't wait the moment and started talking about this palette is simple - I really wanted to ask you, my lovelies, what are other must-have colors from MAC Cosmetics should I pick for this customizible palette. Leave your suggestion in the comment section, I'm excited to know your opinion! White Frost and Gesso caught my attention, I really want to have a pure white highlighting color in my collection. Brule is a great color for blending and muting other eyeshadows. Sumptuous Olive - a veluxe pearl khaki color, that will look amazing on dark brown eyes.

Summing up today's post, I wanted to encourage everyone to buy eyeshadow shades which you like and definitely will use in makeup. MAC cosmetics eyeshadows were so popular on the makeup market and the possibility of customizing your very own neat palette is extremely inviting, but there are many other high-grade brands, which offer an opportunity to fill a makeup palette with products that you personally selected. For example, Anastasia Beverly Hills sells individual eyeshadow pans and even contour shades, which you can arrange in a custom eyeshadow palette. Inglot has a special Inglot's Freedom System, that is possible to fill with different makeup products by Inglot (eyeshadows, lipsticks and even brow wax). The options are endless and you have a right to choose the colors you love using! Until next time, lovelies.

Lots of love,

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