I'm a huge fan of the professional brand "It's A 10". Never heard of it? You may have seen it displayed at your local salon. If you haven't tried it, you're missing out! This brand is created by stylists, and tested by stylists. Each product has to do 10 things, and must be given a 10 point rating before it's released to the public by their board of stylist testers. Pretty amazing stuff,  and they've been pumping out new products lately! Recently they released two new lines; the "Potion 10" line for smoothing, styling and repairing hair, and the "Miracle Whipped" line which styles, repairs, adds shine and supports cancer treatment and awareness ( hence the bright pink bottles ). I snagged the new Whipped Hairspray, Potion 10 shampoo, Potion 10 conditioner and Potion 10 leave in conditioner. Check out my photos and review of the new things I grabbed below!

It's A 10 Whipped Finishing Hairspray: This product not only supports cancer awareness and treatment, but also treats the hair to 10 different benefits all while supporting your style for the day. I loved this hairstyle for creating funky styles that required some extra hold. It didn't let me down!

Brand's Official Product Description: "It’s a 10 Miracle Whipped Finishing Spray … Super-Solid Hold. Light-as-Air Texture and Finish. Strength and superior styling performance doesn’t have to be thick, heavy, or weighed down. Thanks to It’s a 10 Miracle Whipped Finishing Spray, hair can look and stay naturally flawless all day with a finishing product that seems completely weightless, invisible, and touchably soft. At the same time it’s holding your straight, curly, wavy, or other style perfectly in place, It’s a 10 Miracle Whipped Finishing Spray is also conditioning your hair and protecting against humidity, environmental damage, and more. The result is shiny, luscious hair that’s never sticky or moist, only gorgeous and full of body and beauty. Better yet, it also delivers the added benefit of knowing that every time you use it, you’re also supporting the Christina Applegate Right Action for Women (RAW) Foundation. This non-profit organization helps raise awareness and provide financial assistance for advanced screenings and MRI scans for those at high-risk for breast cancer."

My Personal Product Description: A buildable finishing spray that is both versatile and layerable yet strong and dependable. Use it for updos, funky styles, straightened styles, voluminous looks or blown out styles. Keeps your style exactly how you want it, with the option to spray as little as needed or to layer it on to really keep your look in place. Doesn't flake or have a residue.

Packaging: This product comes in Bright Pink spray bottle, with an aerosol spray push nozzle. The bottle is pink due to this product supporting cancer awareness. The product package is sturdy, doesn't tip or fall, sprays out easily and the spray tip doesn't clog.  5/5

This product is professional grade styling aid that is both layerable, and gives you the benefits of five products in one. It's got a professional price tag due to this at around $25.00 a bottle depending on where you pick it up. It's worth the price however, because you're receiving a shine product, finishing hairspray, voluminous spray, humidity resister, and shaper all in one product. 5/5

It's a 10 is only sold in professional salons and beauty suppliers. It may be a pain to find where you can get this product due to this, but it's worth the search to know you're getting the real deal. The product isn't found in public retail stores, but most professional grade products aren't. It's worth the run around.  5/5

The smell of this hairspray is very floral, and clean. It's got a very strong scent, almost perfume like, so it may not be for everyone. When first sprayed, it does have the hint of alcohol in it like most aerosols do. This dissipates however, and leaves a floral, and baby-powder like clean scent behind. Might be too strong for some though.. 4/5

Product Texture:
This is an aerosol spray that is layerable. This means you can make multiple passes over your style to achieve specific hold levels. This makes it versatile and easy to use, and the best thing is that it doesn't flake, or get too sticky, unless you use too much product of course. A little goes quite a long way. This spray is not super drying, and it doesn't leave a residue. On my dark hair I didn't see any product build up. It does and can get hard and sticky if you use too much, but you won't need to. It's fairly strong, and a couple sprays will do the trick. 5/5

Special Features of this Product:
You can use this product on WET hair before your blow out to give your blow out added shine, body, form and memory. I don't know many finishing sprays that can double up as a hairspray and blowout spray!

Travel Size: No, does not come in travel size.

Can you use for everyday Use?: YES! This product works great for simple styles and even updos. Very, very versatile.

Tips and Tricks with this product: Mist this product over your dry hair before using hot tools for added heat protection, improved shine and a style that will stay how you like it all day!

Overall Review: If you're looking for a great aerosol hairspray that can replace your shine spray, volumizing spray, anti-humidity spray, finishing spray and shaping spray you've found it! This product is a true multi-tasker, and can do everything from hold your style into place to retaining the volume of your look. A little goes a long way, and you can layer this product until the level of hold suits you. Loved it! I would absolutely recommend this.

It's A 10 Potion 10 Miracle Repair Shampoo: This product JUST came out this month! This is a Color Safe Shampoo that repairs, and is safe enough for everyday use because it's formulated WITHOUT keratin and is nutrient enriched instead.

Brand's Official Product Description: "It’s a 10 Potion 10 Miracle Repair Shampoo… Restore and Replenish Every Time You Wash. Unlike shampoos that strip away hair’s natural oils and resiliency, It’s a 10 Potion 10 Miracle Repair Shampoo actually strengthens and corrects hair with each use. This rich, color-safe formula builds to a thick, foamy lather that penetrates the entire hair shaft from roots to tip, healing the cuticle and sealing dry, split ends. Essential natural compounds and botanical moisture impart silky softness and manageability while also protecting against environmental stressors and heat styling. Gentle and clean rinsing, hair is left feeling strong, bouncy, and full of body. Over time, hair’s condition improves to its absolute best – vibrant and beautiful in every way."

My Personal Product Description: Color Protection, Repair, Moisture, Volume and Anti-Frizz this shampoo does it all without stripping your color, or your hairs integrity. Like all It's A 10 products, it offers 10 benefits in one single product and is full nutrients and vitamins instead of Keratin. This is perfect for anyone afraid of overusing Keratin. Instead, this product infuses Dog Rose Extract, Golden Bamboo, Coffee Seed Oil, and Panthenol to strengthen hair.

Packaging: This shampoo comes in a blue bottle with a pump nozzle. The pump is really nice for this size of a product, and isn't common. Usually you'll only get a pump dispenser with gallon sizes. It makes dispenses the product easy, and it's hard to over dispense it accidentally. The bottle is sturdy plastic, and doesn't tip easily. Easy to use.   5/5

This product is professional grade shampoo, so it runs around $21.00 a 10oz bottle, which is normal for a 10oz professional shampoo. You get multiple benefits in one shampoo however, so it will save you some cash in the long run. Color protection, split end repair, shine, moisture and volume are all provided in one simple shampoo!. 5/5

It's a 10 is only sold in professional salons and beauty suppliers, so like the hairspray you'll have to purchase it at a local salon. It's worth the extra trip you might have to make though.  5/5

This shampoo has a lasting, heavy lathering, floral, citrus-y, and sweet scent. It's very feminine, and formulated with Linalool which is a natural plant fragrance and hair strengthener. Not overpowering, but enough to give your hair and body a nice hint of the scent later on. 5/5

Product Texture:
This is a heavy lathering shampoo, so as long as you don't mind the bubbles you should love the texture of this shampoo. This shampoo moisturizes the hair but also doesn't leave it greasy, and doesn't leave a strange film or residue on the hair. 5/5

Special Features of this Product:
This shampoo is purposefully created without Keratin. Too much Keratin usage can actually cause hair to become brittle. This repair product uses other vitamins and nutrients to repair damaged hair, so there's no worries about over-usage.

Travel Size: No, does not come in travel size.

Can you use for everyday Use?: Yes, because this product doesn't include Keratin you can use it everyday with no worries! It is a color safe formula that is safe for everyday use and suitable for all hair types.

Overall Review: This is easily one of my favorite shampoos! So many benefits are loaded into this product, and all without Keratin so it's perfect for a daily shampoo. For colored or natural hair, to normal or damaged hair this product is a perfect choice. It won't leave the hair greasy, yet it deeply moisturizes while simultaneously adding body to the hair.

It's A 10 Potion 10 Miracle Repair Conditioner: This conditioner is nothing short of a miracle worker, just like it states! It repairs hair AND slows color loss all while being safe enough for everyday use.

Brand's Official Product Description: "It’s a 10 Potion 10 Miracle Repair Conditioner… Instant slip and conditioning, slows color loss, restores moisture balance, safe for everyday use, won't weigh down hair, protects from styling damage, for all hair types, repairs chemical damage, adds ultra shine and creates soft radiant hair."

My Personal Product Description: This is a color safe, multi-benefit conditioner that repairs your hair, protects and prolongs your color and again is NOT formulated with Keratin. This makes it safe for everyday use! And, because it rinses clean after every use, hair is never greasy, dull, or weighed down…just shiny, vibrant, and full of life.

Packaging: This conditioner is in the same package as the Potion 10 Miracle Shampoo, and also comes with the pump dispenser. I love this pump because again, it makes using the product so easy and its hard to waste it. The bottle is sturdy, and well made.   5/5

This product is professional grade conditioner, so it runs around $25.00 a 10oz bottle, which is normal for a 10oz professional conditioner. This conditioner is truly amazing because it does not make the hair sticky and greasy. It will protect against heat damage from your hot tools, protect your haircolor, adds shine, and repairs chemical damage. The price is well worth all of those benefits in my opinion! 5/5

It's a 10 is only sold in professional salons and beauty suppliers, so like the other products in this review, you'll have to purchase it at a local salon. An extra trip to find a salon that carries is worth the benefits of this product, and how soft and healthy your hair will feel after usage.  5/5

This conditioner is similar to the shampoo in scent with a floral, citrus-y, and sweet scent yet this is much softer and light of a scent than the shampoo. This scent is subtle, yet pleasant. Not perfume-y, or apparent. 5/5

Product Texture:
This conditioner is very heavy when dispensed, however it doesn't leave the hair weighed down. Creamy, thick, and could even be mixed with water for a leave in or mask treatment. Don't be shocked by the thickness, because it absorbs easily into the hair without making it a greasy mess. 5/5

Special Features of this Product:
This conditioner, like the shampoo has no Keratin. This makes it perfect for anyone with damaged hair that is afraid of over using protein treatments.

Travel Size: No, does not come in travel size.

Can you use for everyday Use?: Yes, because this product doesn't include Keratin you can use it everyday with no worry of breakage. Like the shampoo, it is a color safe formula that is safe for everyday use and suitable for all hair types.

Overall Review: This is such a luxurious conditioner. I loved it, and although I was thrown by how thick it was at first, when I washed out I felt how soft and weightless my hair felt. Leaves hair shiny, moisturized, prevents your color from fading doesn't leave hair greasy. Easily, one of my favorites.

It's A 10 Potion 10 Miracle  Instant Repair Leave In: Like all of the It's A 10 leave ins, this leave in is pretty magical. With just a few sprays, this concentrated conditioning mist penetrates deep into hair for all-day moisturizing action.

Brand's Official Product Description: "It’s a 10 Potion 10 Instant Repair Leave-In Conditioner – Stronger… Softer… with a Simple, Easy Application. Our popular leave-in conditioner product is now enhanced with an extra dose of repair and restoration. Upon application, the hair’s cuticle is sealed, providing instant detangling and allowing natural essences to de-frizz, prevent breakage, improve elasticity, extend color, and neutralize PH. The result, of course is endlessly manageable, touchably soft hair that’s vibrant and bouncy. The weightless deep moisturizing spray works equally well as a light-hold product for wet, slick styles and also as a pre-treatment for heat styling. Lasts from one shampoo to the next with hair receiving the full benefit of the product the entire time it’s in contact with hair."

My Personal Product Description: This leave in provides all of the repairitive properties you need with none of the sticky, thick, weighed down feeling. A little goes a long way, and it doubles up as a detangler. The scent is pleasant, and leaves hair feeling clean, soft, shiny and healthy. Spritz some on before you blow dry! It also is a heat protectant, and detangler!

Packaging: This leave in comes in a blue, 4oz spritz pump bottle. It's very easy to use, doesn't clog, and isn't made cheaply. It stands up, doesn't tip, doesn't get stuck in the dispenser, and sprays out cleanly and evenly easily. Easy to use!   5/5

This leave in runs around $14.99 depending on where you purchase it. This leave in is by far one of the best I've used though, and is worth the extra buck. You'll get a detangler, repair product, heat protectant and shine spray all in one. Plus it extends your hair color.  5/5

This product is professional grade leave in, so you can guess, like the other Its A 10 products you'll have to grab it from a salon that carries it. Well worth the extra trip though, and you know you're getting a quality product and not a leave in with chemical fillers.  5/5

This smells similar to the shampoo, yet less floral, more citrus-y and more neutral of a scent. It is apparent, but not strong and not perfume like. Very pleasant, and not something that will harass the senses. 5/5

Product Texture:
This leave in is not super thick, but it isn't watery either. It absorbs into the hair quickly, and you should see and feel the benefits immediately. Hair detangles easily, is softer, shinier, and looks healthier. This doesn't weigh down your hair, make it greasy, make it wet, or unmanageable. Very easy to work with. Just use it in damp hair, and blow dry. 5/5

Special Features of this Product:
Gently mist through wet hair after showering and comb through or, apply to dry hair for slick, sealed styles like braids, buns, and twists. Use this product as a style aid for slick looks, while it repairs your hair!

Travel Size: Yes, comes in a 4oz size.

Can you use for everyday Use?: Yes! Feel free to use this daily or even as a 15 minute treatment under heat, the natural vitamins and nutrients will repair the hair without being overbearing, or hurting the integrity of the hair.

Overall Review: This leave in is a multi-tool of a product, and can be used to detangle unruly hair, repair damaged hair, moisturize, add shine, help with frizz, balance the PH of the hair, seal the cuticle, protect against heat, and protect your color. It truly is one of the best leave in conditioners I have come across, and didn't leave my hair feeling greasy. Love it!

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