As much as we love makeup and full glam, the most important part of the day is removing your makeup and allowing your skin and pores to really breathe. We are huge fans of double cleansing which is a two-step cleansing method that is extremely popular in Korea. You would begin with micellar water followed by an oil-based cleanser and then finally a traditional lathering cleanser to ensure every single bit comes off.

HudaBeauty /

It seems like a lengthy routine but in the end it's all worth it because who doesn't want amazing skin? Just take it from Huda Kattan who's also obsessed with this skincare method and in her recent upload (which you can watch, below) she goes into every single detail of the products she uses to get that amazing skin! From removing lashes to double (and even triple?) cleansing and then nourishing the skin with serums and oils, here's everything you've ever wanted to know about Kattan's skincare regimen.



Bioderma Micellar Water
Earth's Finest Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Ole Henriksen - The Truth 3-In-1 Melting Cleaner
Aurelia - Bamboo Muslins
Tatcha - Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil
Tatcha - The Deep Cleanse
Clinique - Clarifying Lotion 2
Skinceuticals - C E Ferulic
Skinceuticals - Skin Firming Cream
Ren - Rose O12 Moisture Defence Oil
Anne Semonin - Super Active Contour Serum
Anne Semonin Miracle Eye Contour Anti-Wrinkle Cream
MDNA Skin - The Beauty Roller
La Mer - The Lip Balm

From beginning to finish, here's Huda Kattan's step by step skincare evening routine!

Bioderma Micellar Water:

HudaBeauty /

Are you removing and tugging at your lashes without using something to loosen up the glue first? Huda recommends micellar water.

"I like to soap my q-tip with some micellar water and then you rub the lashline, so you loosen up the glue. What this does is it makes it really gentle when it comes off your eyelid but it also helps prevent your lash from becoming ruined. It comes right off. Even with the best lash glue, it comes right off, it’s amazing."

Ole Henriksen - The Truth 3-In-1 Melting Cleaner:

HudaBeauty /

The first step in getting all the makeup off? Use something that will literally melt away even the most stubborn traces of makeup and wipe with a cloth. Good ol' coconut oil will do!

"I like to use regular coconut oil because I feel like it’s really natural and it's really good. Otherwise, you can also use some of these melting makeup removers like the Ole Henriksen - that one's really good as well."

Aurelia - Bamboo Muslins:

HudaBeauty /

Huda then wipes everything away with a soft bamboo cloth and just look at all that makeup that came right off! Puts standard makeup wipes to shame, right?!

"Usually, I like to use a bamboo cloth because it’s really gentle."

Tatcha - Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil:

HudaBeauty /

"So I’m actually gonna cleanse my skin again after removing my makeup because you can still see there’s a lot of makeup and you want to remove all that pigmentation, all that makeup from your skin because no matter how amazing makeup is you want to let your skin breathe."

"Double cleansing is amazing - it’s actually a very popular Asian tradition and when we started doing it, we all noticed such a huge difference. Since I started, I literally cannot stop doing (it)."

Tatcha - The Deep Cleanse:

HudaBeauty /

Huda then uses Tatcha's The Deep Cleanse to get the rest of the makeup off.

"I use two oils because I wear a lot of makeup sometimes. I usually put like a dime amount on."

Clinique - Clarifying Lotion 2:

HudaBeauty /

So what does Huda use to tone and clear up the skin?

"The Clinique Number 2 Toner, I’ve been using this product for years. This for me, is the only thing that keeps my acne at bay. I put a little bit of product on the pad and then I fold it over, this way we get a nice amount on the pad. Not too much because it is a little drying. So I don’t want to get the much on there, just enough to slightly saturate, dampen the pad."

She recommends the cotton pads with ridges on them from here because they’re exfoliating (and affordable!).

Skinceuticals - C E Ferulic:

HudaBeauty /

"I’m going to use my favorite serum in the whole entire world. This is from SkinCeuticals- it’s a C E ferulic.  You only want to wear it a night. I wouldn’t wear this every single day."

If you aren't incorporating C E Ferulic in your everyday regimen yet, well what are you waiting for?!  It seems to be a big hit amongst beauty influencers to say the least and should be incorporated in your daily anti-aging routine if you'd like to improve those fine lines and wrinkles. Check out the one Wayne Goss uses and recommends here

Skinceuticals - Skin Firming Cream:

HudaBeauty /

"This is amazing if you want to like really have a beautiful jawline but also it tightens your pores, so I love it. It makes it radiant."

Ren - Rose O12 Moisture Defence Oil:

HudaBeauty /

"I find that when I use it , my skin literally clears up so much. I just noticed it really heals the skin - so I’m obsessed with Rosehip Oil."

Ever wonder which order to put all your face products in? The rule of thumb is to go from thinnest to thickest or from liquids to oils. To ensure your getting the most benefit and the products are actually penetrating into the skin you want to make sure you do this properly. Huda says, "you put your serum on first, then your lotion, then your oils."

Anne Semonin - Super Active Contour Serum:

HudaBeauty /

"This is the best thing ever. Just put a small amount on and I'm blending it in. You don’t need to go back and forth - you just tap it in."

Anne Semonin Miracle Eye Contour Anti-Wrinkle Cream:

HudaBeauty /

She layers the Eye Contour Anti-Wrinkle Cream after.

"I’m just gonna put a small amount on my hand. Again, I j just kind of tap, I don’t really rub."

MDNA Skin - The Beauty Roller:

HudaBeauty /

"I love jade rollers but I recently was introduced to the Madonna roller, this is unreal. I feel like the shape of it, these little grooves also grab onto your skin. Literally, I can see the difference in my skin after I use it. It’s so good. This is really gonna give you a great contour."

La Mer - The Lip Balm:

HudaBeauty /

The finale is from the luxe skincare line La Mer and this lip balm is a celeb fave, including Huda's!

"My favorite product in the whole entire world."

Watch Huda go from full glam to completely bare faced in this step-by-step evening skincare routine, below!

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