As we celebrate 242 years of Independence this 4th of July, we're here to bring you some look ideas to make your holiday more festive! Whether you're looking to rock an all red, white and blue color palette or are going for a subtle accent, these looks will surely help you express your patriotism through your looks. 


If you're looking to express your patriotism in red, white and blue this Independence Day, you're in the right place! There's so many different look ideas you can create and something for everyone to try.

Try a bold red and blue cut crease embellished with white sparkly accents. Colored mascara on the lower lashline in blue is a quick way to add a pop of color and also a fun summer trend to try. If you're up for it, try painting on white stars for festive vibes.

Glittery July 4th Tutorial 

Graphic liner in red and white is perfect for an edgy look! Complete the look with smokey blue on the lower lashline and a classic red lip.

Red, White & Blue

If you're going for something dramatic, try a bold cut crease with gradient lids.

For a monochrome look, add red all over lids and lips. Break up the look by adding blue. Embellish with blue liner and create any design you'd like. For an abstract look, try different lines and patterns.

Abstract Look

What could be more festive than gradient lids in red, white and blue? Embellish with white or silver glitter and to really make it fun paint on metallic dots or tiny stars in clusters for an abstract firework-esque design!

 Festive Look July 4th 

For a classic look, go with a stars and stripes look!

Stars & Stripes Festive Look

A quick an easy look is a red, graphic liner cut crease and draw some stars with liquid liner. Smoke out the lower lashline with a touch of blue! See, easy-peasy and super festive!

4th July Inspired

For something a bit more glamorous, try a red and white gradient cut crease with blue on the lower lashline. To add dimension, use a few shades of blue. Embellish with sparkly silver liner, white stars (or dots) and lashes!

Festive Red, White & Blue 

It's amazing how you can use the same color palette to create so many different and fun looks! Try blue all over the lids and red in the crease for a bold look! Finish with a pearlescent white highlight. Try this same technique but reverse the color application for a totally unique look!

And if you're up for it, paint your entire face in red, white and blue!

 Skull 4th of July

For game day vibes, create mismatched eyes in blue and red and complete the look with red lips. Stars and glitter make the best embellishments for a rockin' 4th of July party!

July 4th Look


If you want to look festive with a less obvious 4th of July color palette, there's always alternatives that you can explore. Add subtle accents in either red, white or blue for a demure look.


If you're working this holiday and are short on time, you can easily add a festive element to your look with blue colored eyeliner! Compliment this with a red lip stain for a wearable look or a full red pout for major festive vibes. 

Blue Eyeliner 

Blue or red eyeliner is a great option for those who like to keep their makeup minimal and neat. Draw a beautiful wing with colorful eyeliner or add an accent on the lower lashline for an easy way to add some color.

Red Vibes

You can add red eyeshadow without looking OTT (over the top) by combining neutral shades in brown across the crease. Add sparkly blue liner and you're ready to light up some sparklers in style!

Blue Glitter Liner X Red Shadow


Blue eye makeup and red lips is probably the easiest way to go when it comes to 4th of July looks. An all over white and blue monochromatic lid is best for smokey eye lovers. You can smoke it out with dark navy blue and a bit of grey or black to your heart's content! Add sparkles with white or silver glitter for a glam element.

If you're a fan of drama, a smokey blue halo topped off with loads of glitter is all you need.


Another festive makeup option is to decorate your eyes with tiny sparkly crystals, rhinestones or glitter, that will imitate stars

An all over blue lid with silver stars is the perfect option for a quick and fun look!

 Blue Eyes With Stars

You can paint little stars on your eyelids and face with the help of colored grease paint and an eyeliner brush. Or you can use a stencil or stamp tattoo to keep things looking neat and polished! 

KVD Vibes

For avant garde vibes, go for glossy lids and brows in white and then add colorful stars to shine bright just like a fireworks display!

Galaxy Explosion

If you don't have stars, white flat pearls or rhinestones also look just as great!


For matchy-matchy vibes, pair your lipstick in either red or blue and match with your eyeliner. It doesn't have to be the exact shade match but you'll get a nice and well-matched (pun intended) look!


Let's not just focus on the eyes here as there's a bunch of different things you can do to play up your lips.


Let's begin with the most obvious, classic red is the way to go for festive red lips!

Classic Red Lip

Kick it up a notch with glittery lips to sparkle and shine on this special holiday!

For something bold, mix red and blue hues for mesmerizing lip art. Add silver or gold sparkles for a fun look. Just make sure you keep the rest of your makeup look moderate so your lips stand out.

Red Blue Glittery Lips 

If you don't want to deal with a glittery mess, try red metallic lips or even an ombre red lip for beautiful statement lips!

Metallic Red

Think outside the box and create duotone or ombre lips for multifaceted color. Embellish with glitter and jumbo stars!

Whimsical Red Lip Art Tutorial


Not ready to pull of a full face of colorful makeup? Then try to create a bold color accent on your eyebrows. Choose a bright color for your lips that will beautifully contrast with the rest of your makeup look and outfit. Fill in your eyebrows with the pencil and set them with a matte eyeshadow for a long-lasting effect. Or if you want to go all out, add colored brows to your festive eye look!

4th of July Look

Adding glitter to your brows is whimsical, artsy and so much fun!


Don't forget your nails when putting together your festive ensemble! Go for holographic nails for a shiny number or paint your digits in alternating shades of red and white for a mismatched look!

Summer Vibes

A super easy yet festive look is to paint your nails all red or blue and then add silver or white stars all over! You can use a stencil, stickers or even stamps if you don't like freehanding designs. Super easy and cute, right?!

Starry Starry Night 

If you are a huge fan of extravagant nail art and are always ready to try out something new, than you should definitely decorate your nails with some sparkling stars and fireworks!

Festive Nail Art

What's more festive than rocking a stars and stripes mani? For a beginner friendly and fun look, check out this tutorial to recreate this look!

4th of July Tutorial

For something super simple, paint your nails all in one color, red is a classic shade that looks great on everyone! Add a sparkly element in white or blue with rhinestones, stickers or glitter.

Red Nails & Blue Crystals

This next mani looks intricate but this is so doable! (See for yourself here.) Create a trendy design by mix and matching your nails in a red, white and blue color palette. You can create thick stripes in a french tip design and then on an accent nail, create thinner stripes in a different shade. Finish with glitter and stars!

4th of July Nail Art Tutorial

We hope this article gave you loads of inspiration to rock red, white & blue this 4th of July holiday! Have fun and stay safe.


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