I want to ask Spotlight Guru's and other members about my skin problem. I have really sensitive skin and I also have oily skin, too. Whenever I apply foundation, my face looks really weird and after removing makeup I have pimples. Can you guys tell me what foundation should I use????  Also, which shade I should I use?? I have medium-complexion . Really looking forward to your replies :)

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Great question Chandni, being a massage therapist really allows for me to work on different skin types and the main thing we need to confirm is if you really have sensitive skin. Many people mistake acne/blemish prone skin for sensitive skin because it seems like every time you apply a product to your face it breaks out.

The questions I ask my clients to differentiate between sensitive skin and acne/blemish prone skin is...

  1. Do you break out into welts, pustules, rashes, when you come into contact with any product from lotions, makeup, perfumes, to general household cleaning products? If they reply yes, then they have sensitive skin.
  2. How often do you break out? Again, if your skin is rashing up whenever anything comes in contact, even the weather causes the skin to itch, burn, or welt up, then you more than likely have sensitive skin. The sebum of oily skinned people act as a barrier to ward off the skin irritation, but the over production of sebum, with added comodegenic and oily products causes the general breakouts and blemishes that we all love to hate.

So some recommended solutions:

For Skincare: Transition to using products that do not contain any parabens or sulfates. When washing the skin remember to do circular motions up, (like you see in those fancy skincare commercials), it allows the cleanser to penetrate the skins surface and really get deep to clean out the crud that has built up in the skin.

For Makeup: I recommend sticking to foundations that are non-comodegenic. If you look at the product it will say NON-Comodegenic on the label. Meaning that the product won’t clog pores. When applying foundation you want to apply down and out, this allows the product to stay on the skin yet keep the product from getting deep into the pores.

As far as product recommendations: I have oily/combination skin so it was always a feat when I found a product that didn’t make me breakout immediately. These are what work for me,

  • Higher End Skincare: Juice Beauty – This is a lovely line of organic products I use. It doesn’t irritate my skin and the Blemish Cleanser ($22) cleared up my face after the first use.
  • Drugstore Skincare: Boots ($7 and up) is a skincare line you can find in Target, their skincare doesn’t cause me to blotch up and it is has its own collection of sensitive skin products, which my friend uses and she has no issues.
  • Higher End Foundation: I like Stila foundations ($34 and up) are amazing for oilier skin. They have never caused me or my sister to break out and they absorb oil really well, so you don’t have to worry about sliding foundation.
  • Drugstore Foundation: Revlon Nearly Naked ($7) is my go to for a lighter feel of foundation. This goes on light and hasn’t caused my skin any problems and it has a wide range of colors.

Good luck and I hope this helps <3

tron thank you so much for sharing this with me .now i really know that my skin is sensitive. whenever i use foundation or lotion i have pustules and all the products u suggested me above is it good for sensitive skin???and  thank u so much again :)

Your very welcome! This is based off of my experience working with sensitive skin types and friends that have sensitive skin. I know it can't be easy to try to find products for you. Juice Beauty is an organic line which is free of petroleum based oils, parabens, and fragrances which is what you want to shy away from, because they are irritants to the skin. My friend uses Boots because they make a line only for sensitive skin and she has had no problems.

Stila, Lorac, Almay, and Bare Minerals have foundation formulas created without the common skin irritants. My friend uses LORAC Natural Performance Foundation because it doesn't cause her skin to be oily or aggravated. 

Just remember to take a look at the labels. You want to try products with the fewest ingredients possible. This is a handy list I use when choosing certain lotions and moisturizers for clients that have sensitive skin qualities. http://www.temptalia.com/the-ingredients-guide-comedogenic-irritati...

thank u so much  for soving my proble :)


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